The end of the third day and beginning of the fourth in this 240 hour race were like some other world, compressed into a series of fragments, scattered by strange powers.  Runners continued on their journey. For the gents, Atmavir Spacil  had fashioned a lead that was stigmatized by a gnarly stomach upset. He continued on for 64 miles at the bell of 72 hours, reaching 230 miles.  Baladev Saraz had already set a pb for the three-day split and was good to make a move in the shimmering sunlight. By 7:00 pm he climbed within two miles of his friend Mr. Spacil.  Ushika Muckenhumer of Austria moved into third place as the sunny skies turned cloudy, the winds swirled and shifted. The ladies had their own drama brewing, as Sarah Barnett, the race favorite and 2-time winner of the event assumed the lead. Shamita Achenbach-Konig made a move to challenge as the skies opened up and a thunderstorm revealed itself mid-afternoon. By 7:00 pm Shamita led Sarah by barely a lap. Rainbows, then the sun appeared. The runners keep going, beyond normalcy and commonsense, to places we can only imagine- all on a one-mile loop in a park  where the clock keeps ticking. In FMCP, the elements rule. It is their world- we just live in it.

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