Under sunny skies with slightly cooler breezes the 20th running of the Self-Transcendence Ten Day Race commenced precisely at 12:00 noon today at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. A packed field of 50 runners toed the line in anticipation of lots of running miles and  challenges ahead.  The runners are allowed to circumnavigate a certified one-mile loop both day and night for 240 consecutive hours.  After eight hours Aidas Ardzijauskas from Vilnius Lithuania led Slovakian Atmavir Spacil by one lap, reaching 43 miles. The women were led by Harita Davies from New Zealand with 40 miles and Larissa Psiukalova  and Pati Ibinova of Russia with 39 miles.  Heavy rains for 24 hours are being forecast as entering the area after 2:00 am Monday morning.

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