Self-Transcendence 2 Mile Race

every Saturday
Jamaica High School New York

Formerly known as 'Runners are Smilers', this race has been taking place every Saturday for over 30 years!

.8551 mile loop on sidewalk with slight hills around Jamaica High School
$2 entry fee payable before race at finish line (84th Ave, opposite sports field)
Start line at Gothic Drive

About the event

Sri Chinmoy spoke to his students at the inaugural Runners are Smilers race on 26 June 1984:

Today we have inaugurated something very beautiful and very, very, very meaningful. I am extremely grateful both to the officials and to the runners. Again and again I am thanking you from the very depths of my heart. You all have my special love and gratitude. I shall be very, very grateful if you can come regularly; I shall offer you my heart of love and gratitude. Unless you are severely injured, you should run regularly. If you cannot run, please come here as spectators. Especially the officials must come regularly. Those of you who are officials, please take this as part of your devoted and selfless service.

I am very, very happy, very pleased, very proud of my children. I sincerely feel that this has been a tremendous success. By next week we will be able to announce this race to many organisations, and they will join us. Two miles is nothing. Invite your friends! One other thing: I would like both the officials and the disciples who are not participating to please be extremely kind and sympathetic in every possible way to all the runners.

- Sri Chinmoy 

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Race video

A typical Saturday morning 2 mile race


2 miles

Start time

  • 8.07am


  • $2 on day of race