3100 Mile Race 2018

The 20th edition of the world's longest certified road race starts on 17 June. Go to event page »

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3100 Mile Race ( Week 1 )
Show Week: 1
Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
1 Vasu Duzhiy 83.4 158 229.9 306.2
day total 83.4 74.6 71.8 76.2
2 Kobi Oren 83.4 155.8 228.8 302.3
day total 83.4 72.4 72.9 73.5
3 Smarana Puntigam 75.7 141.5 205.8 272.2
day total 75.7 65.8 64.2 66.4
4 Sopan Tsekov 70.2 133.9 194.2 260.1
day total 70.2 63.6 60.3 65.8
5 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin 61.4 122.9 188.7 253.5
day total 61.4 61.4 65.8 64.7
6 Ushika Muckenhumer 68 128.9 188.2 243.1
day total 68 60.9 59.2 54.8
7 William Sichel 70.7 131.1 174.5 239.8
day total 70.7 60.3 43.3 65.3
Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
1 Surasa Mairer 66.9 128.9 191.5 254
day total 66.9 62 62.5 62.5
2 Kaneenika Janakova 66.4 124.5 182.7 241.4
day total 66.4 58.1 58.1 58.7
3 Yolanda Holder 62 116.8 172.3 228.8
day total 62 54.8 55.4 56.5

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20 June

Day 4: Time to Breathe

The runners felt a little surge of energy, as the persistent heat from the sun was less noticeable, but also because it was graduation day, not once but twice, as traffic was everywhere, and students wearing their caps and gowns flooded the campus and sidewalks of Thomas A Edison Technical and Career High School. The school has a prominent presence along the 3100 Mile Race course, and the administration has kindly and enthusiastically allowed our little race to flourish for over two decades.The multi-day runners were entertained a bit by the frolic of post graduation and the flow of students and parents, dressed in Sunday best, mixed in with our runners on the .5488 of a mile running course. 

Kobi Oren and Vasu Duzhiy continued their dance of high-mileage as each has been over 70 miles the first three days. As cooler temps held for the most part, running became a little less of a struggle, and more of a new found joy. Later in the evening Kobi Oren and Vasu passed 300 miles, as the latter extended his lead to seven laps overall. Smarana Puntigam continued his excellent adventure in search of more meaning and inner peace, not to mention 66.4 hard-earned miles. Sopan Tsekov continued his best mileage start ever in his seven attempts at 3100 miles, cashing in at 65.85 miles before midnight. Surasa Mairer led the women once more with another 100km of fun and work. Scotsman William Sichel rebounded from a low total day due to GI distress by running 65.3 big miles. Seven of the ten made it to 60 or more miles, and nine of the ten are on par to an eventual finish. The runners are getting into shape. The thought of a big number of finishers has entered into the talk of the race. Who knows for sure, but we optimists dream the dream, just like these pioneers are doing, day by day.

Vasu Duzhiy-300 miles= 3:16:40:01

Kobi Oren-300 miles= 3:17:18:45

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