3100 Mile Race 2018

The 20th edition of the world's longest certified road race starts on 17 June. Go to event page »

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3100 Mile Race ( Week 5 )
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Name Day 29 Day 30
1 Vasu Duzhiy 2014 2082.6
day total 63.6 68.6
2 Kobi Oren 1967.4 2031.1
day total 64.2 63.6
3 Ushika Muckenhumer 1753.4 1815.9
day total 62.5 62.5
4 Sopan Tsekov 1749 1809.9
day total 61.4 60.9
5 Smarana Puntigam 1670.5 1722.6
day total 55.9 52.1
6 William Sichel 1672.1 1722.1
day total 54.3 49.9
7 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin 1612.3 1682
day total 48.8 69.6
Name Day 29 Day 30
1 Surasa Mairer 1743.5 1801.1
day total 59.2 57.6
2 Kaneenika Janakova 1696.3 1758.3
day total 61.4 62
3 Yolanda Holder 1210.6 1210.6
day total 0 0

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16 July

Day 30: Wipe Your Brow Kind of Day

The weather was hot and humid; the challenge was plain and simple. Get the most laps in the cooler parts of the day; survive the heat without incident. Even the seasoned veterans of this race know the fine line between efficient and foolhardy. Yet, Ananda-Lahari Zuscin defied all logic, running 69.7 miles before going home early to soak his tired body. He was one of six to push past 60 miles. Vasu Duzhiy increased his lead to over 51 miles ahead of Kobi Oren whilst running 68.6 miles. Kobi passed the 2000-mile mark, becoming the first Israeli to ever do so. Ushika Muckenhumer continued to attack for third place, trailing Sopan Tsekov by only 8 laps. 

22 days remain. We shall see what happens to these intrepid runners. Tomorrow's challenge- a series of thunderstorms.

Kobi Oren-2000 miles- 29:07:18:21- PB, NR; becomes tenth fastest man to run 2000 miles.

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