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Long before either meditation or marathons had entered the mainstream, spiritual master and fitness pioneer Sri Chinmoy was showing how both could be combined as part of a balanced life. Now, in this beautifully designed compilation, Sport and Meditation brings you Sri Chinmoy's advice on both the inner and outer aspects of getting the most out of your sporting life - be it training, competing in events, or using sports to see what you are truly capable of.

Reading this book will allow you to experience a radiant and abundant awareness of how to achieve happiness.

Tatyana Lebedeva, Olympic gold medallist, long jump, 2004


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Sri Chinmoy's outer running started in his teens, at the same time as his 'inner running' - his life of mediation. After meditating for many hours a day in the spiritual community where he spent his adolescence and early adulthood, he would go to the athletics track and train, seeing the two disciplines as part of a balanced whole. This belief that the outer and inner could go together led him to embrace long distance running, and to found the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which has grown into the world's largest organiser of ultradistance events.

The outer running and the inner running is for those who are looking to use their running practise to better themselves, and to experience the joy that comes with challenging yourself and going beyond. In this book, you will find inspiration to go deeper within and try harder, plus answers to common questions posed by beginners and world-class athletes.

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144 pages.

A beautiful collection of archival photographs, writings, and running journal entries spanning Sri Chinmoy's lifetime of teachings at the intersection of meditation and athletics. Published by District Vision in collaboration with the Sri Chinmoy Centre and edited by Sanjay Rawal,