Sri Chinmoy 7 & 13 Hour Ultra Solo & Team Relay Race

Magnuson Park Seattle

A race that will challenge and inspire you! We had so much fun with our 7 hour race that we added a 13 hour option!

Scenic 1.52 mile mixed-surface course
Well stocked and enthusiastic aid station
Soup and pasta available during race
Delicious post-race vegetarian meal
Medals and certificates for all
Awards in five different age categories
Surprise drawings
Unique design race T-shirt included

About the event

A one-of-a-kind challenge of ultra endurance and stamina, this Sri Chinmoy race series will be on a mixed surface loop in Magnuson Park along the shores of Lake Washington and inland wetlands. Choose your challenge a 7-Hour solo or team race or a 13-Hour solo race!

In Seattle’s scenic Magnuson Park, Lake Washington is your backdrop;  watch the sun rise over the water.

We offer a counting station, nutritious snacks, and a delicious post-race meal provided by Fremont’s Silence-Heart-Nest Restaurant. And lots of smiles!!!

The 2017 event will be limited to 50 entrants in the combined two events.

Previous Results


As many miles as you can cover in 7 or 13 hours

Start time

  • 13 Hour Race – 6:00 am
  • • 7 Hour Race - 12:00 noon


  • 7 Hour Race: $90 received by 5/12/2017 or $100 after
  • 13 Hour Race: $120 received by 5/12/2017 or $130 after
  • 7 Hour Teams: $130 received by 5/12/2017 or $140 after


Daulot Fountain
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  • USA Track and Field sanctioned event.

Course and Facilities

Course:  1.52 mile scenic loop in Magnuson Park with views of Lake Washington and some wooded single track.  Mix of pavement, gravel and chip surface. Race starts by the swimming beach. Watch the directional signs.

Facilities:  Washrooms, solar heated outdoor shower, post race swimming beach.

Aid station:  an exceptional aid station with water, electrolytes, coke, ginger ale, chips, chocolate, ice, small sandwiches.   Light meals such as soup and pasta brought in at later stage of the event.  We encourage you to bring your own fluids bottle so that we can reduce our cup waste.

Solo and Team Runners

Solo Runners:  For both the 7-Hour and 13-Hour race - open to runners ages 18 and over.

Team Runners:  Open to all ages for 7-Hour Race.  Teams of 2-3 runners, each participant runs a continuous shift of 3.5 hours for a team of 2; or 2:20 hours for a team of 3.  

13-Hour Runners: Due to the early start for this race it is a good idea to bring a headlamp.  

Awards, T-Shirts and Meal

Awards:  Top 2 finishers in 5 age categories;  medallions and certificates for all participants and a surprise drawing you’ll want to be there for!

T shirts:  Included in entry fee, cotton tee with an inspired design. 

Post race Meal: by the lake just after finish.  Take a swim and sit down to a fabulous vegetarian meal and desert, compliments of award winning Silence-Heart-Nest Restaurant.

Entry Information

Deadline: Entries must be received on or before Thursday, May 18, 2017.  No DOR without permission from race director.

Registration form can be downloaded from this site by clicking the "Get entry form" button (in blue area above).

Send completed registration form and waiver with check or money order payable to:” Sri Chinmoy Centre” or “SCC” to: Sri Chinmoy 7 & 13 Hour Race, c/o Daulot Fountain, 1118 NW 63rd Street, Seattle, WA 98107.  Fax:   206-527-1297  Scan: 

More information:  Daulot, 206-353-5099  or email

*Canadian entrants, due to exchange rates, receive a discount at registration.  Use coupon code "Canada7&13discount".  Canadians only, thank you.


Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, Seattle.  See our other races at

All proceeds to benefit the  Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace-Run, the biennial  global torch relay for peace. Check out for more information.


Comments from Our Runners

“Thank you so much to you and the team for another great event!  What a fantastic day and as usual the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team hospitality was top notch!”

“I feel privileged to have been part of this event. You did such a great job taking care of us and helping me along. Many thanks to the volunteers and runners for all of your encouragement and kind words!”

‘Thanks SO much for such a terrific day, event AND photographs! :)’

“I wanted to thank you again for a truly exceptional experience!
 Of my 370 endurance events, your has surpassed all in terms of the after-event camaraderie and food!
 I really enjoyed having the opportunity to sit and talk with this group of outstanding athletes.  I virtually never eat right after endurance runs, but this food was most wonderfully enjoyable.
 It's amazing to me that this event is not simply swamped with participants!  I guess that is part of the charm!”

“Thanks again for a great race on Saturday! I had a lot of fun. :) “

“What a great event!  I hope you’ll reiterate our thanks to all the volunteer angels who applauded, cheered, motivated and kept track of all of  us.  They sat their all day in the wind and the rain, while we had the advantage to keep moving.  It will be great to see the pictures and all the results. Hats off and thanks to you all for an organized and fun run”

“Thank you so much to the team for a lovely event Sunday.  It was great to run a Sri Chinmoy event again as when I lived in Ontario I would normally have 2 Sri Chinmoy events on the schedule per year.  Great course and as always the volunteers, post run meal and support were top notch.”

“I just wanted to give you some positive feedback from the run on Sunday.  You and your helpers made all the difference for me in finishing the race.  My wife and I were also touched by the philosophy and positive energy.  We wish we could have met Master Chinmoy in person but you folks have continued the wave very successfully!”