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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.

One of the most insightful and revealing stories about the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race appeared on the home page of the prestigious BBC.COM this past Friday, June 21. Including interviews with past and present runners, the article gives the reader a runner's insight into why anyone would want to run for 52 days around a New York City block, and what the experience is like for these pioneer ultra runners.

The article is written by long time reporter Justin Goulding of BBC Sports, under the Sport Insight section.

From the article: "It is a race so long that runners need a haircut during it. They can get through 20 pairs of shoes. They run more than two marathons a day. For almost two months. On five hours of sleep a night."

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