The last four hours of Day 1 proved to be the toughest of the cycle that started at noon yesterday. A furious little storm pummeled Flushing Meadows with 40 mph winds(70 km), and significant rainfall- almost like a mini nor'easter would on any given fall day in New England. Only the runners kept going, regardless of tidal basin flooding at high tide and southerly winds that nearly broke the reinforced scoreboard in half. Atmavir Spacil assumed command of the lead, ending the day with 91 miles, a few laps ahead of 72-year-old Georgs Jermolajevs, the first winner of the Ten Day some 19 years ago. Pati Ibinova led the distaff side with 90 miles, often plowing through the above ankle water that blocked the scoring area approach like a moat around a fort. As the fury of the storm subsided mid-afternoon, runners were able to abandon ponchos, raincoats and trash bags around their bodies and make hay around a drying park. Huge fog rolled in at sundown, but the will of the runners was strong. Atmavir has assumed a 10 mile lead at the 32 hour mark, and is running 11 minute laps consistently. Baladev Saraz and Pati Idinova have moved into second and third overall. Good weather is coming. More later...

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