The morning had showed fog, then thunder, hail, more rain and finally sunshine. But the stout-hearted runners moved along. Atmavir Spacil has increased his lead  to 17 miles by the noon, his second day complete at 166 miles, a nifty 75 miles in miserable conditions. By 8:00 pm he was closing in on 200. Baladev Saraz had moved into second overall with 180+, and Pati Ibinova and Sarah Barnett climbed past 170.  Georgs Jermolajevs had run 69 miles on the sloggy pathways and joked that he will start running after five days- at age 72.  By 8:00 pm Sarah was right on the heels of Pati and looked strong. Shamita Achenbach-Konig was steadily holding onto third place for the ladies.  It is way to early to predict how the race will turn out, but it will be interesting to see what happens to the athletes as they move on along,. Will their bodies accept the workload, will their minds embrace the challenge, on this plot of earth stuck in the middle of the burgh of Queens, New York. 

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