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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.



Ten Day Race - Men (Race begins April 19)

Igor Mudryk,36,Vinnitsa,Ukraine Igor has run five multidays in 15 years of training and racing, with a best of 712 miles in the Ten Day race in 2009. He improved by an astounding 179 miles over his previous best.

Yuri Trostenyuk,46,Vinnitsa,Ukraine Smiling Yuri T. reached 629 miles last year in the Ten Day, good for fourth place and a personal farthest distance. He has been running 11 years and has completed four multidays, including 383 miles for six days.                             

Andrey Andreyev,44, St. Petersburg, Russia Andrey reached 555 miles in his third multiday last year, taking seventh place for the men. He has been running for 20 years.

Luis Rios,62, Brooklyn,NY USA In over 35 years of running, Luis has finished over 200 ultras including 14 multidays. He ran 514 miles last year in the Ten Day, and has a best distance of 640 miles in 12 days. In years past he has had several fast 100 milers and has gone over 140 miles for 24 hours.

Mark Dorion,50, El Paso,TX USA Mark has completed nearly 200 ultras in 38 years of running, including five multidays with a best of 397 miles for six days. Mark is also a correspondent and contributor to Ultrarunning magazine, as well as a race director in the outback of west Texas and New Mexico. He is a college professor and insructor in English and writing talents.

Don Winkley,72,Corpus Christi,Texas USA Don has run over 30 multidays in 32 years of running, including several age group world bests for 48 hours(200.5 miles age 60), 1000 miles,(14 days,11 hours age 59), oldest finisher at Spartathlon in Greece and Comrades in South Africa, and the oldest finisher of Trans America race in 1995. Don won the Ten Day Race back in 1997 with 531 miles.                                                                          

Michel Gouin,49,Drummondville,Quebec,Canada Last year Michel ran 538 miles in the Ten Day, and has had a long and prolific running career.He has completed more than 100 ultras in 30 years of running. His most acclaimed achievement is a treadmill record in the Guinness record book five years ago.

Shashanka Karlen,49,Jamaica,NY (Switzerland) Shashanka has run ten ultras and a few multidays, including 830 miles in the 1000 mile race. He directed the successful Basel, Switzerland 24 Hour Race for several years.                     

Frederick Davis III,62,Cleveland,OH USA Another prolific athlete, Frederick has completed  214 ultras in 26 years of running. He reached 504 miles in the Ten Day in 2008. 

Chakradhara Caslava,33, Zlin, Czech Republic In eleven years of running Chakradhara has completed eight multidays including his personal best for ten days  at 501 miles set in 2008.

Syona Ionov,39,Kiev,Ukraine Syona has run 23 ultras and three multidays in 15 years of running. His best for ten days was 472 miles in 2007.

Barney McBryde,45, Auckland,New Zealand Barney has run 54 ultras and four multidays in over 14 years of running, including 516 miles for ten days and 373 miles for six days.      

Padyatra Komak,34,Bratislava,Slovakia Padyatra has run five multidays in 10 years of running, with a best of 314 miles for six days and 464 miles for ten days.

Volodymyr Hlushchuk,49,Vinnitsa, Ukraine Volodymyr has finished eight ultras and over 20 marathons in ten years of running.Last year he finished second in the Six Day event with 391 miles in his first multiday.

Andrey Somov,30,St.Petersburg,Russia Last year Andrey ran 343 miles in the Six Day event. He has run eight ultras and three multidays in ten years of running.

Pradeep Hoogakker,30 Den Haag,Netherlands In ten years of running, Pradeep has completed ten ultras, including 314 miles for six days and 481 miles for ten days.                           

MykhayloUkrainskyi,36,Berdyansk,Ukraine                                                                         Last year Mykhailo ran 540 miles in the ten day, good for eighth place and a personal farthest distance by 57 miles.

Alexander Harko,46,Kiev,Ukraine Alexander ran 317 miles in the Six Day last year. He has five ultras in eight years of running.

Ten Day Women

Kaneenika Janakova,38, Bratislava,Slovakia Last year Kaneenika dominated the women’s race at ten days with 707 miles,her second victory at that distance and third place overall including the men in a very strong field. In fifteen years of running, Kaneenika  has completed nine multidays and 20 ultras. Her bests include  437 miles for six days, 700 miles in 10 days, 19 hours, and 1000 miles in 15 days, 19 hours. All three marks are Slovakian national records. Her 707 mile effort last year is the second best total for women in Ten Day Race history.

Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh,29,Moscow,Russia   Last year Jayasalini ran 619 miles in the Ten Day, good for third place for the women and her sixth multiday in six years of running.

Nataliya Hlushchuk,34,Vinnitsa,Ukraine Nataliya was first woman in the Ten Day in 2005 with 515 miles.In 2006 she ran her best distance of 600 miles while finishing in second place. She has been running  for 11 years with 15 marathins and 15 ultras to her credit.                                               

Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova,66,Smolensk,Russia  In 2001 Pratishruti finished the 1000 mile race in 16 days 01 hours, becoming the oldest finisher of that event at that time. reached She has a best of 615 miles for ten days. She was a former professor of physical culture at Smolensk Institute, and was also a champion speed skater in earlier years.                                          

Elena Kareva,33,Volgograd Russia Last year Elena ran 550 miles in the Ten Day in her first multiday. She has run ten ultras and sixteen marathons in15 years of running.                    

Sylva Stradalova,31,Zlin,Czech Republic Sylva has completed six multidays in seven years of running,including last year when she ran a personal best of 525 miles for ten days.                  

Kushali Tarantsova,43,Kiev,Ukraine Kushali has six multidays to her credit, with a best of 413 miles in ten days.                                                                                 

Zuzana Doczlova,31,Kosice,Slovakia Zuzana ran 503 miles in the Ten Day last year in only her second multiday

Nishima Knowsley,50,Auckland,New Zealand In 20 years of running Nishima has run numerous marathons and a few ultras. Her only six day attempt netted 328 miles in 1998.

Bigalita Egger,69,Culver City,CA USA (Austria) Bigalita walked 357 miles in her first multiday at age 68 last year in the Ten Day.

Gudrun Freier,38,Winterthur, Switzerland Gudrun has completed seven ultras in five years of intense running training.This will be her first multiday.

Manjula Boehler,38,Innsbruck,Austria Manjula has completed five ultras in six years of running and is trying her first multiday.