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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.

Six Day - race starts April 23


John Geesler,51,St. Johnsville,New York, USA.  In over 25 years of running John has completed over 100 ultras, including 157 miles for 24 hours(age group 40-44 US rec.) and 248.54 miles for 48 hours. John was first man in 2008 in the Six Day with 433 miles. He has done 14 multidays.

Markus Mueller,45,Eagle,Clorado,USA(German)  Marcus has completed 63 ultras and six multidays in 25 years of running.He finished third place in the Ten Day in 2000 with 630 miles. In 2001 he finished in 10th place in the Trans Australia Race(2703 miles); In 1998 he was third finisher in the Trans-Germany Race.

Smarana Puntigam,38,Vienna,Austria  In nearly thirty years of running Smarana has completed over 30 ultras and 13 multidays, including finishing the 3100 mile race seven times. His best for 3100 miles is 48 days,4 hours(Ausrian record averaging 64 miles per day).He has done 700 miles in 10 days+18 hours.

Vladimir Balatskyy,38,Graz,Austria(Ukraine)  In eight years of running Vadimir has run 11 ultras and five multidays. Bests include 660 miles for ten days, as well as 3100 miles in 48 days, two hours, in his first attempt (64.4 miles per day).

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin,34,Kosice, Slovakia  Ananda-Lahari has run seven multidays with best of 202 km for 24 hours;8:30 for 100km, and a staggering 49 days,14 hours for 3100 miles in 2006. He is a four-time finisher of the world’s longest race.

Stutisheel Lebedyev,39,Kiev,Ukraine  Another superlong multiday specialist, Stutisheel has run 15 ultras including six finishes of  the 3100 miler, with a best of 48 days,12 hours.

Bob Oberkehr,55,Northvale,NJ USA  Bob has run seven multidays and 62 ultras in 35 years of running, including 624 miles for ten days(2008) and 403 miles for six days. Last year he won the Arizona Six Day Race.                                                  

Dharbhasana Lynn,33,Auckland,New Zealand  Dharbhasana has run 13 ultras and two multidays in 12 years of running. Bests include 300 miles for six days and 442 for 10 days.               

Alex Swenson,45,Vashon,Washington USA  In over 20 years of running Alex has completed nearly fifty ultras including 146 miles for 24 hours. This will be his first multiday.                      

David Holt, 51, Pepperell, MA., USA  David has run 14 ultras in over 30 years of running, including several trail races. His bests include 126 miles at 24 hours  and 5:55:33 for 50 miles.                                        

Marvin Skagerberg,73,Plano,Texas USA  One of the most prolific ultrarunners to ever toe the line, Marvin has run nearly 30 multidays and over 300 ultras in several decades of running.He is famous for running a duel with Malcolm Campbell across the USA in 1985- and winning by a fraction of time! Welcome back, Marvin!!                                                        

Allan Harman,48,West Vancouver,BC Canada  Allan ran 251 miles in his first multiday last year after 20 ultras of various distances.                                                                              

Pete Stringer,68,Osterville,MA USA  A seasoned veteran of 55 years of running, Pete has completed  countless marathons and nearly 80 ultras with a best of 332 miles for six days.This will be his fifth multiday race.

Chanakhya Jakovic,56,Jamaica,NY (UK)  In 27 years of running, Chanakhya has completed over 50 ultras, including 27 multidays. His bests are 308 miles for six days, 470 miles for Ten days, and 653 miles in the 1000 mile race(2003). Last year he ran 277 miles in the Six Day.

Ales Pliva,32,Prague,Czech Republic  In five years of running Ales has run 13 ultras and two multidays. Last year he ran 293 miles for six days.                             

Baridhi Yonchev,28,Sofia,Bulgaria  In seven years of running Baridhi has completed several ultras and one multiday- last year he ran 276 miles in the Six Day event.

Andrey Bondarchuk,34,Mariupol, Ukraine  In 11 year of running Andrey has run two ultras and several marathons.This will be his first multiday.

Nikolay Duzhiy,44,St. Petersburg,Russia  Nikolay has run six ultras and over 20 marathons in 15 years of running.This will be his first multiday.

Veaceslav Dodonu,33, Geneva,Switzerland  Slava has run five ultras in eight years of running including 253 miles in the Six Day in his first multiday event last year.

Vladimir Lunev,22.Omsk,Russia  In four years of running Vladimir has run five ultras and several marathons. This is his first six days race. 

Oleksandr Nihalchuk,27,Vinnitsa,Ukraine  Oleksandr has completed two ultras and 15 marathons in four years of running. 

Oskar Ganz,44,Zurich,Switzerland  Oskar is running the Six Day for the first time. He has been running seven years and has run several marathons.


Dipali Cunningham,51, Melbourne,Australia  Dipali is one of the world's best women ultra-distance runners. She has won 25 of the 30 multiday events she has entered since 1992, including seven overall victories. Last year in the Six Day she emerged first overall with 514.82 miles, a new women’s road best In the spring of 2001 she set a women’s world record on the road for six days with 510 miles, defeating all the men in that race. In 2001 she ran 700 miles in 9 days 11 hours, the third fastest all-time for women. In 1998 she set a  women’s world best on the road for six-days with 504 miles, despite heavy rains at Wards Island Park. In 1999 she won the 700 mile race overall in 10 days, 21 hours. She is ranked third in the world for 700 miles, and third for 1000 miles, having dominated the women's 1000 mile race in 1997 in 13 days, 20 hours.  She has won all eleven Six-Day titles in our spring-time event. She is also the women’s course record holder for the Ten day with 723 miles. In 2004,Dipali set a new women’s age group 45-49 world best for six days with 479 miles. Later in the fall, she won the 700 mile race overall, her eighth victory in that event.

Kate Condon,54,Chichester, England  In 22 years of running Kate has completed 12 ultras and six multidays. Her bests include 351 mil;es for six days and 501 miles for ten days. She has also run 801 miles in the 1300 mile race.

Lydia Fischer,39,Vienna, Austria  Lydia has completed 13 ultras in 14 years of running. Last year in her multiday debut she garnered 307 miles.                              

Regina Plyavinskaya,44,St Petersburg,Russia  Regina has run five ultras and two multidays in 11 years of running.She ran 288 miles in the six day last year.                  

Liubov Stebneva,54,St Petersburg Russia   Liubov has completed nine ultras in 15 years of running, with two multidays. She also ran 288 miles last year in the Six Day.

Svitlana Samarina,34,Kiev, Ukraine  In 13 years of running Svitlana has finished five multidays and 10 ultras. her bests include 555 miles for10 days and 351 miles for six.

Sophie Anderson,32,Auckland,New Zealand  In nine years of running Sophie has completed six ultras but is making her first multiday the Six.                                     

Niribili File,64,Auckland,New Zealand  In 14 years of running Niribili has completed 30 ultras and seven multidays.                                      

Abhaya Field,65, Christchurch,New Zealand  Abhaya has run four multidays in six years of running. Last year she did 415 miles in the Ten Day.                                 

Sandra Tribulin,33,Nis, Serbia  Sandra finished the Six Day with 284 miles last year in her first attempt.                                                                        

Rageshri Muzychenko,40,Kiev, Ukraine  In ten years of running Rageshri has completed four multidays, with a best of 245 miles for six days.                                 

Divyata Kryuchkova,32,Tambov,Russia  Divyata has run two ultras and a few marathons in eight years of running. This is her first multiday.                                 

Barbara Szeprethy,30,Bishop,CA USA (Hungary)  In six years of running Barbara has done four ultras and one multiday. She did 202.7 miles in the Arizona Six Day last year.She has completed the Badwater Race three times.

Tania Ryan,43,Christchurch,New Zealand   Tania has finished three ultras in four years of running.This is her first multiday.   

Marianna Csillag,42,Budapest,Hungary  Marianna has run three ultras  and several marathons in 15 years of running.                                                      

Prasasta Armstrong,28, Christchurch, New Zeal  In 10 year of running Prasata has finished 15 marathons and a few longer race. She is running multiday number one.