The Sri Chinmoy Invitational Marathon

2 Mile Race Course, Queens New York

A members-only marathon for those who have run faster than Sri Chinmoy's fastest marathon time of 3:55:07 within the past 10 years

Strict 4 1/2 hour cutoff.
Race open the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team members only
Day of race registration only, starting at 6:30 am
Race Particulars: Sunday April 10, 7am start

About the event

Sri Chinmoy loved the challenge of the marathon distance and in fact completed 22 marathons in a period from March 1979 through February 1983. To honor his fastest marathon time of 3:55:07 (ran on March 25, 1979 in the Heart-Watchers Marathon in Toledo, OH), every April an invitational marathon is held only for members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team who have ran faster than 3:55:07 and within the past 10 years. The race was originally held in Flushing Meadows Park but since 2016 has moved to our 2 mile race course in Queens.

Following are the words to a song Sri Chinmoy wrote in honor of the marathon:

"Marathon, marathon, marathon,
Eternity's dawn!
O kindling, streaming flames
Of great Olympic Games,
O Greece-world vision-height,
Humanity's transcendence-race,
Divinity's supreme Grace."

A Slideshow by Cristian of the 2013 Invitational Marathon


Marathon (.87 mile loop)

Start time

  • 7:00 am


  • Day of Race registration only