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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.

fryer_2013.jpgThe following article appeared in the online website Ultra168 and is about Australian ultra runner Martin Fryer's experience in the 2013 Self-Transcendence 6 and 10 Day Races held in Flushing, New York. Ultra168 is a group of Sydney-based ultra marathon runners who share a passion for running on trails, as well as reporting on what’s happening in the world of trail and ultra running.

Martin Fryer is for me, and for many others one of the Godfather’s of Australian ultra-running. The respect I have for this man is huge. He gets on with his business with little or no fanfare on Facebook, and delivers time and time again with quite staggering results that you really do have to read twice to get a grasp of what he’s just achieved. None more so than his recent effort at the Sri Chinmoy 10 Day race that was recently held in New York where he amassed over 1,100kms over 10 days!

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