• Kevin and Michelle running on the 3100 Mile course

    Kevin and Michelle running on the 3100 Mile course

  • Kevin's note

    Kevin's note

Harita Davies, two-time 3100 Mile finisher, shares this inspiring story:

Recently I was out for a walk. It was a drizzly, overcast day at the end of March. I usually pass by the 3100 course at the end of my walk or run, and today was no exception. From a distance I spotted two runners standing beside a car. It’s not hard to spot runners since they looked totally different from anyone else out there! I knew they were not Sri Chinmoy's students, so I guessed they had come to run on the sacred course, and I was right! This is not the first time I have come across runners who travel especially to circumnavigate the block. Who knows how many come that we never see!

I recognized both of them, as they have come out to support the 3100 Race last summer. We were mutually thrilled to connect! Their names are Kevin and Michelle, and they both live in Brooklyn. I asked what brought them out. They were both quiet, then Kevin told me they were running in honor of his young daughter, Megan, who sadly passed away just a few days earlier.

A Facebook group called Megan’s Mile or Megan Smile, had been created inviting people to run a mile in memory of his daughter. Kevin chose to run at the 3100 course because it is special to him. He found out about the 3100 after seeing the movie in 2018. He was interested and stayed in touch with Sanjay, who invited him to the pre-race banquet at Annam Brahma. He really connected with the photos of Sri Chinmoy on the walls.

On the morning of the run Kevin went to the driveway of Aspiration Ground and saw Vajra, who showed him a photo of Sri Chinmoy as a blessing before the start of his run - that means a lot to him.

Kevin and Michelle ended up running for nearly 12 hours and they covered 36 miles. They went to Annam Brahma three times before during and after the race, and they were the first to delight in how well they ate!

Several of us went out to visit them throughout the day and run a little with them. They were both eager to talk and share. Kevin had never run more than a marathon and confided that he dreams to run the 3100 one day. Michelle runs ultras regularly- she had been training for a 50 km race, which had been canceled.

At one point I took them a few supplies and they were having a heated discussion. Kevin had said they would end at 30 miles but after reaching that goal wanted to run 5 more. Michelle was cold and tired and wanted to know exactly why he wanted to run five more… I decided to leave at that point, only to see Michelle get out of the car to run 5 more- now that’s a real friend!

Kevin and Michelle were grateful for our support. I was so moved and inspired by what they did. I have no doubt that Sri Chinmoy would have been smiling down on them and blessing this understated act of true heroism.

Although bittersweet, to witness such a deeply heartfelt gesture at a time like this was a great honor. Fittingly, it served as a reminder that the darkest moments can be catalysts for an outpouring of divine qualities- hope, love, empathy, and our common yearning to connect, be happy, and appreciate every moment of this precious life we are so blessed to live.

"It is hope
That still keeps
The world alive."

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 41, Agni Press, 2004