About the author:

Boijayanti is the co-director of the Self-Transcendence Swim Run, as well as the Self-Trnascendence Sprint Series in Flushing Meadow Park

Interested in a Sprint Triathlon?


Try the Self-Transcendence Swim-Run Instead!



The Self-Transcendence Swim-Run at Lake Welch Beach is the perfect multi-sport event designed with various types of athletes in mind, from beginner triathletes, to swimmers, runners, and the occasional multi-sport dabbler.

If the length of a sprint triathlon or a mini triathlon is of interest you, it might be worthwhile to try a race with similar distances, minus the cycling.

Boasting a 1-kilometer freshwater swim and a 10-kilometer run, it is the perfect sprint triathlon alternative should you need, or desire, to leave the bike at home, as well as a fun and charming race, a perfect farewell to the end of the outdoor racing season!

Race start is on Sunday, September 8th 2013 at 10 am!

For additional information on prices, registration, and directions, please visit us at: