Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Race

Connecticut & New York

Our first public ultra-distance race, and host to numerous world record performances

About the event

The 24 hour race was the first ultra-distance race that the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organised for the public. Before 1980 only a handful of 24-hour races had been held since the turn of the 20th century worldwide, and it was not until the running boom hit the US and Europe in the 1970s that athletes looked for longer challenges.

Our first race was organised on short notice in Greenwich, Conecticut, and suggested we offer a 24-Hour race to fill the hole left by the cancellation of another race of similar distance - the starting field had just 6 runners, but Marcy Schwam broke the women’s world records for 50 miles, 100km and 100 miles. Over the years, the race played host to a number of world record performances, including Sue Medaglia's track record in 1981, Ann Trason’s world record mark in 1989, and Yiannis Kouros’ world record prerformances in 1984 and 1985 - the latter in the middle of a Category 2 hurricane.

In the results section below, you can also read race director Sahishnu Szesciul's reminisces of each race - or download the entire PDF...


As many miles as possible within 24 hours