Sri Chinmoy 70 & 100 Mile Run

New York

A Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team staple for many years

About the event

The Sri Chinmoy 70 and 100 Mile Races were a staple of our racing schedule during the 80s and into the 90s.  Top runners from the Metro area, as well as from around the world were a common sight at these races.  The above photo is from the Sri Chinmoy 70/100 Mile Races, Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, October 23-24, 1986. Containing one of our top fields for these races, ultra greats from New York and around the world competed, including local runners Cahit Yeter, Luis Rios, Don Jewell, Diane Hawkings, as well as international stars Yiannis Kouros and Seigfried Bauer.