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Medur is our go-to person for many of the essential tasks involved in putting on our races: race setup, our lap counting system and our website. An enthusiastic runner himself, he has participated in many editions of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Canada and the US.


Rimas Jakelaitis,52, Brooklyn,NY LIT

Rimas is one of the world's great superlong distance runners. Last year he won the Ten Day race for the fifth time with 665 miles.In 2001 he set the course record, running 901 miles for ten days,the second best total in history. In the process he passed 600 miles for six days, becoming only the 12th person all-time to ever do it. In 2000, Rimas astounded everyone with a world record of 16 days 00 hours in the 1300 miler, taking over 15 hours off the record as well as gaining the 2000 km world best. In 1999 he won the Six Day race with 517 miles. Rimas won the Ten Day in 2004 for the fourth time with 653 miles. He still holds the Lithuanian record for 100 km(7:20)and has run the marathon in 2:35. He even ran the 3100 miler in 2002, completing the distance in 50 days 2 hours. Over the years he has won several shorter ultras in the New York area.

Vladimir Balatsky,35, Graz,Austria UKR

Last year Vladimir finished second with 653 miles, a personal best and the longest he had ever run. He has run 386 miles for six days and seems to have the temperament for long distance racing.

Trishul Cherns,50,Middle Village,NY CAN

Canada's premier multiday specialist, and one of the world's most prolific runners, Trishul returns for another multiday event. He has completed 35 multiday races. Last year he finished third with 640 miles. In 1999 he finished third in the 3100 miler in 50 days, three hours during the hottest summer in New York in 100 years. He holds 112 Canadian national records for various distance including 1000 miles(13 days,7 hours) 1000 km(7 days,14 hours) and 48 hours(221+ miles). He has done 538 miles for six days and 130 miles for 24 hours. He has run over 160 ultras since 1978, totaling over 33,000 racing miles. He lives with his wife Kaaren in Middle Village, and works as a physiotherapist.

David Luljak,51, Chevy Chase,MD USA

The event record holder for six days at 541 miles, David moves up to the Ten for the first time. In 16 years of running he has completed 8 multidays, including 261 miles for 72 hours and 156 miles for 24 hours.

Christopher Muellauer,34, Zurich, SUI

Christopher has run 16 ultras including four multidays in the last seven years. His best was 700 miles in 10 days,17 hours in 2003.

Petr Spacil,29,Zlin, Czech Rep

Petr has run 13 ultras with good success at longer distances. In 2004 he finished fourth in the Ten day with 612 miles. He has a split of 646 miles for ten days from the mile race, where he eventually ran 1085 miles.

Luis Rios,59, Brooklyn,NY USA

Luis has run for over 30 years, including over 200 ultras and 12 multidays. He has run 646 miles for 12 days and has a best of 421 miles for six days. Last year he completed 501 miles in the Ten day.

Pavel Saraz,31,Komjatice, SLK

In 2005, Pavol finished second in the Ten day race with 540 miles. He has been running for seven years.

Glen Turner,47,Louisville,CO USA

Last year Glen led the men with 421 miles in the Six day race. He has run over 50 ultras, including three multidays.

Bob Oberkehr,52, Northvale,NJ USA

Bob has completed 42 ultras in 30 years of running, with three multidays, including 403 miles for six days last year.

Zoran Marinkovic,43, Leskovac SERBIA

Last year Zoran reached 325 miles for six days, a culmination of 10 years running and training.

Garry Wise,60, Yuendumu,NT AUS

In 2005, Garry completed 372.8 miles(600km) in the Cliff Young Six Day Race in Colac, Australia. He is a relative newcomer to multiday running, having been training for only three years.

Manfred Edinger,45,Vienna, AUT

Manfred ran 331 miles last year in the Six day race, his first multiday event in 11 years of running.

Jirka Caslava,32, Zlin, Czech Rep

Jirka has run 5 multidays, including 485 miles for 10 days.

Sergey Sydenko,34, Donetsk UKR

Last year in his multiday debut, Sergey completed 322 miles for six days.

Frederick Davis III, 59, Bedford, OH USA

In over 25 years of running, Frederick has completed over 200 ultra events, including 3 multidays. In 2002 he ran 172 miles in the ATY 72 hour race.

Tom Kline,62, Sunny Isles Beach, FL USA

Tom has been a competitive racewalker for nearly 40 years, and has logged over 43,000 miles in his 46 ultras and many journey runs. In 2003 he walked 326 miles for six days here in NY. He has walked from Tijuana, Mexico to San Francisco(628 miles) and Arctic Ocean to Fairbanks, Alaska (415 miles last August), among his many journeys.

Dragan Stojanovich,35,Belgrade,SERBIA

Dragan has run six ultras in six years of running, including 270 miles for six days and 456 miles for 10 days.

Rastislav Ulicny,26, Presov,SLK

Rasta has completed six ultras in 11 years of running, including 223 miles for three days.

Jade Lynn,31, Auckland,NZ

Jade completed 300 miles for six days in 2005, his only multiday in 9 years of running.

Uwe Postler,43, Innsbruck,AUT

In 15 years of running Uwe has finished three multidays, with a best of 458 miles for 10 days.

Klaus Schulz,66, Berlin GER

Klaus has a best of 479 miles for 10 days set in 2005, as well as a split of 311 miles for six days. He has completed over 30 ultras in 13 years of running and will be the Race Director for the inaugural Self-Transcendence 24 Hour race in Berlin in October.

Tamas Agoston,42, Budapest, HUN

Tamas has completed three multidays in 17 years of running, with a best of 400 miles for 10 days.

Valentyn Ionov,36,Kiev, UKR

Valentyn has run five ultras and numerous marathons and will be experiencing his first multiday.

Igor Mudrik,33, Vinnitsa,UKR

Igor will also be experiencing his first multiday in 10 years of running.

Mihail Vasilchenko,41, Omsk, RUS

Mihail will be running his first multiday.

Alexander Arnst,52, Omsk, RUS

Alexander is making his mutiday debut as well.


Surasa Maier,48,Salzburg, AUT

In 2002 Surasa broke two long-standing records for women, setting new world bests at 1000 km (7+16:08:37) and 700 miles (8+15:34:13). In 2001 she broke the women's world record for 1300 miles by completing the distance in 17 days 21 hours, nearly an hour and a half under the record. Her split for 1000 miles (13 days 17 hours) ranks second all-time. Surasa won the 1000 miler for the women in 2000 in 14 days 12 hours, the only finisher of that race. She has won every multiday race she has entered.

Lenka Svecova,32,Brno,Czech Rep

Lenka has completed 19 multidays in 24 years of running. Her bests include 1000 miles in 15 days 15 hours, 635 miles for ten days (split), and 413 miles for six days - all national records. She won the women's division of the Ten Day race in 2004 with 621 miles.

Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova,63,Smolensk RUS

Pratishruti ran 1090 miles to lead the women in the 1300 mile race in 2003. In 2001 she finished the 1000 mile race in 16 days 01 hours, becoming the oldest finisher of that event at that time. Pratishruti reached 1015 miles in the mile race in her first attempt at the distance. She has a best of 615 miles for ten days. She was a former professor of physical culture at Smolensk Institute, and was also a champion speed skater in earlier years.

Dorothea Vogeli,43,Ettingen, SUI

Dorothea has run 29 ultras, including 8 multidays. Her farthest distance was 901 miles in the 1000 mile race in 2002. She has run 577 miles for ten days and 106 miles (172 km) for 24 hours.

Visuddhi Trummer,44,Wels, AUT

Visuddhi has completed two six day races in 18 years of running, with a best of 331 miles.

Svitlana Samarina,32, Kiev, UKR

Svitlana ran 303 miles in the Six day race last year in her second multiday event. She has been running ten years.

Karina Ward,31, Canberra, AUS

In 2005 Karina ran 471 miles in the Ten day for fourth place among the ladies.

Sylva Stradalova,28, Zlin, Cz Reb

Sylva completed 450 miles in the 10 Day race, her second multiday.

Ingrid Kirschner,41, Munich GER

Ingrid ran 465 miles in the Ten day race last year, and has run four multiday races in 10 years of running.

Tatyana Jauk, 36, Graz , AUT (Slovenia)

This will be Tatyana's first multiday race. She has excelled in the sport of Karate, having been 8-time National Champion in her home country of Slovenia.

Larysa Khramova,43, Nilolaev, UKR

Larysa has twice finished the Ten Day, with a best of 444 miles in 2005, good for fourth place.

Kushali Taransova,40, Kiev, UKR

Kushali has run thee multidays, with the longest distance being 403 miles in last year's Ten day race.

Anastasiya Tabachnikova,25,Cheyabinsk, RUS

This will be the first multiday for Anastasiya.

Ieva Kurzemniece,42, Riga, LAT

This will be the third ultra but first multiday for Ieva.

Tetyana Pasternak,44, Donetsk, UKR

Last year Tetyana ran 147 miles in the Six day race.


John Geesler,48,St. Johnsville,NY USA

John has completed over 80 ultras in a sparkling 23 year running career. Bests include the US 48 hour record of 248 miles in 2004, as well as a 24 hour age-group US record of 157.9 miles. On Jan 1 of 2005 he completed 300 miles at the Across the Years 72-Hour Race, and did 287 miles at the same race this year. This will be his first attempt at six days.

Asprihanal Aalto,35, Helsinki,FIN

Asprihanal has emerged victorious in the Six Day Race two times, (2003 -457 miles and miles) winning each race with supreme efforts on the last day. One of the best endurance runners in the world, Asprihanal is ranked second all-time for 3100 miles (43 days 15 hours), has won the 700 mile race three times with a best of 9 days five hours, and has won the 3100 race three times (2000, 2001, 2004). For three straight years he ran all three yearly Self-Transcendence multidays in New York (six days, 3100 miles, 700 miles)- a feat unprecedented in multiday annals. He has also hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail in solo fashion, covering 60 km per day for up to twelve weeks. Asprihanal works as a courier and delivery man back in Helsinki.

Serge Arbona,42, Baltimore, MD USA

Serge has completed nearly 70 ultras, with good speed and stamina. He won the Umstead 100 mile Trail Race in 2004, and held the 24 hour treadmill record of 152.2 miles, which was also set in 2004. With good speed for 100 miles(14:35) and trail strengths, Serge could be headed for a good six-day debut on the flats of Flushing Meadows.

Mark Dorion,47, El Paso, TX USA

Last year Mark completed 383 miles in the Six Day. Mark has been running 36 years, completing over 200 ultras. Bests include 131 miles for 24 hours, 5:55 for 50 miles, 7:36 for 100 km, and 2:27 for the marathon. Mark has been a race director of many short, popular trail runs in the Southwest.

Hubert Muckenhumer,39,Salzburg,AUT

Hubert won the Ten day race in 2003 with 631 miles, his best effort. Hubert has completed over 30 ultras in 15 years of running, including a third place finish in the Ten Day in 2001 with 627 miles, a third place finish in the 700 miler in 1999 (10 days, 2 hours), and 884 miles in the 1000 miler in 2001.

Gary Cross, 47, Douglas, AZ USA

Gary has completed 15 multidays in 38 years of running. Included are various efforts at 48 hours, and six days, with a best of 421 miles. Gary has also given back to the sport by offering races for the running community. He is the Race Director of the Arizona Six Day Race.

Harald Reisecker,37,Salzburg, AUT

Harald has run 550 miles for ten days, 360 for six days, and completed the 700 miler in 2001 in 10 days,22 hours.

Christopher Rana,30, Salzburg, AUT

In seven years of running, Christopher has run five multidays, including 700 miles in 11 days 14 hours, and 386 miles for six days.

Mario Komak,32, Bratislava, SLK

Mario has finished two multidays in 9 years of running, including 293 miles for six days.

Tim Lawson,21, Portland, OR USA

Last year Tim ran 285 miles in his first six day race at the tender age of 20. This year the seasoned veteran is back for more.

Peter Elliott,41, Melbourne,AUS

Peter has completed two multidays in seven years of running, including 300 miles for six days, and 460 miles in the Ten day in 2005.

Pete Stringer,65, Osterville,MA USA

Pete has been running for 56 years, including 35 ultras and many marathons, but at the young age of 65 is trying his first multiday. He has completed many trail runs of 100 miles including Leadville, Vermont and Umstead.

Andy Cable,41,Shelton,CT USA

In nine years of running, Andy has finished 23 ultras, including the Vermont 100, but is attaempting his first multiday.

Roman Dzierlatka,Bristol,CT USA

Roman has completed six multidays in over 30 years of running.His best six day was 269 miles in 2004. Over 20 years ago he ran 100 miles in 18 hours at Shea Stadium, only a half mile away from Meadow Lake.

Dennis Hopkins,27,Astoria,NY USA

In 11 years of running, Dennis has completed 12 ultras and a few journey runs but is attempting his first six day race.

Donald Landry,61, Montreal, Quebec, CAN

Don has managed to complete 56 ultras in 15 years of running, including bests of 200 miles in 72 hours(2005) and 140 miles(226 km) in 24 hours.

Andrey Andreev,41,St Petersburg RUS

Andrey is trying his first multiday after a decade of running marathons and short ultras.

Yuriy Trostenyuk,43, Vinnitsa, UKR

Yuriy is moving up to six days after having completed 24 hour races and many marathons.

Michal Petricek,42, Brno, Czech Rep

Michal has completed three multidays in five years of running, including 423 miles for 10 days and 277 miles for six days.

David Rogan,40,Florence,Italy (AUS)

This will be the first multiday for David, who has been running for 10 years.

Mark Hoogakker,28,Den Haag, NETH

Mark is running his first multiday after seven years of running and seven ultras.

Horst Sykora,46,Vienna, Austria

Horst is attempting his first 6 day race after 10 years of running.

Pavel Szymanski,35,Zlin. Czech Rep

Pavel is inspired to attempt his first multiday after five years of running.


Dipali Cunningham,48,Melbourne, AUS

Dipali is one of the world's best women ultra-distance runners. She has won 18 of the 21 multiday events she has entered since 1992, including five overall victories. In the spring of 2001 she set a new women's world record on the road for six days with 510 miles, defeating all the men in that race. In 2001 she ran 700 miles in 9 days 11 hours, the third fastest all-time for women. In 1998 she set a women's world best on the road for six-days with 504 miles, despite heavy rains at Wards Island Park. In 1999 she won the 700 mile race overall in 10 days, 21 hours. She is ranked third in the world for 700 miles, and third for 1000 miles, having dominated the women's 1000 mile race in 1997 in 13 days, 20 hours. She has won all nine Six-Day titles in our spring-time event. She is also the women's course record holder for the Ten day with 723 miles. In 2004, Dipali set a new women's age group 45-49 world best for six days with 479 miles. Later in the fall, she won the 700 mile race overall, her eighth victory in that event.

Juli Aistars,48,Lake Zurich, IL USA

Juli has completed 26 ultras in nine years of running, including 153 miles for 48 hours and 21 hours for 100 miles.

Elvira Janosi,51, Palic SERBIA

In a long running career of over 30 years, Elvira has completed 77 ultras, including 41 events of 24 hours or longer. In the 700 mile race in 2000, Elvira ran 700 miles for the second time in 12 days four hours. In the 10 day in 2000 she won the women's division for the third time in a row with 550 miles. She set a personal best of 621 km (385 miles) in the Colac Six Day race in Australia in 2005. Born in Hungary, she and her husband Tibor live near the beautiful town of Subotica, Serbia..

Kate Condon,51, Chichester, UK

Kate covered 801 miles in 2004 on this same course in the 1300 mile race. She has run five multidays in nearly 20 years of running, including 351 miles in six days.

Harita Davies,32, Christchurch,NZ

Last year Harita ran 347 miles in the six day, good for fourth place for the ladies and seventh overall. She has finished three multidays in 12 tears of running.

Petra Missbrenner,37,Vienna, AUT

Petra ran 302 miles in her first six day race in 2005, and looks forward to the challenge of six days again.

Shishaldin Hanlen,26, Brooklyn,NY USA

Shishaldin completed 262 miles last year in the six day race, her first multiday in five years of running.

Niribili File,61, Auckland,NZ

This will be Niribili's fifth multiday race. She has run 500 miles for ten days and 331 miles for six days, which are both New Zealand age-group(50-54) records.

Marion Landry,62,Montreal,Quebec, CAN

Marion has run over 50 ultras in the last 13 years of running, including 161 miles for 72 hours and 124 miles for 48 hours.

Gael Balantyne,43, Auckland, NZ

In the last ten years, Gael has completed 15 ultras, including two multidays. She has a best of 254 miles for six days.

Abhaya Field,62, Christchurch,NZ

Last year Abhaya ran 278 miles at age 61 in the six day, so naturally she is looking at an even better result this year.

Rageshri Muzychenko,37, Kiev, Ukraine

Last year Rageshri completed 245 miles in the Six Day. She has run three multidays in 15 years of running.

Olga Soboleva,44,Smolensk, Russia

This will be Olga's first multiday after a brief running career.

Stebneva Lubov,50, St. Petersburg,RUS

Stebneva has run three ultras and looks forward to the challenge of the six day.

Regina Plyavinskaya,41, St. Petersburg RUS

Regina is running her first multiday.

Kateryna Krot,31,Mariopol, Ukraine

This will be Kateryna's first multiday after six years of running. She has completed five ultras.

Iris Klapper,32, Christchurch, NZ

This will be Iris's second ultra and first multiday.

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