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Medur is our go-to person for many of the essential tasks involved in putting on our races: race setup, our lap counting system and our website. An enthusiastic runner himself, he has participated in many editions of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Canada and the US.
The Runners

Ten Day Men - Race begins April 23

Madhupran Schwerk,52, Solingen,Germany
One of the world's greatest long distance runners to ever lace them up, Mr. Schwerk holds over 70 records for distances run beyond 1300 miles, as well as still holding second place with 171miles in 24 hours to the Greek legend Yiannis Kouros. In 2007 Madhupran ran 627 miles(1010.08 km) for six days to become only the 13th person to ever go over 600 miles in the last 150 years. His two victories at 3100 miles were historical jaunts- in 2002 he completed the race in 42 days,13 hours, breaking the previous record by four days. In 2006 he erased his own record by 29 hours (41 days,eight hours). He is dedicating this Ten Day race to the memory of Sri Chinmoy.

Achim Heukemes,56, Grafenberg,Germany
Achim has run 1000 miles in 11 days,18 hours and over 150 miles for 24 hours, best among his 15 multidays and over 40 ultras.He completed 4568 km (2838 miles) in the Trans Australia Race Stage Race.

Glen Turner,48,Louisville,CO USA
Glen finished second in the Ten Day last year with 654 miles. He has run over 100 ultras including several multidays. Earlier this year he completed 2630 miles pushing a custom-made ‘surrey' with his gear inside from west coast to east in a remarkable 37 days. Maybe he has created a new sport in addition to getting into tremendous shape.

Bob Oberkher,53, Northvale,NJ USA
Last year Bob set a personal best distance of 624 miles, good for fifth place in the Ten Day. He has been running for 35 years and has five multidays among the 51 ultras and 122 marathons completed.

Vladimir Balatsky,36,Vienna,Austria(Ukraine)
Two years ago Vladimir ran his best race with 653 miles, good for second place in the Ten Day, putting pressure on event record holder and winner Rimas Jakelaitis. Mr. Balatsky has only been running for seven years, so his best events are ahead of him.

Hubert Muckenhumer,40, Salzburg, Austria
Hubert won the 2003 Ten Day race with 631 miles. He also finished with 627 miles in 2001 at Wards Island Park, where Rimas Jakelaitis set the current race record of 901 miles.

Don Winkley,70,Corpus Christi,Texas, USA
Don has run over 20 multidays in 30 years of running, and has set many age group records for various distances. Included are his two times over 1000 miles(best 14 days,23 hours) and six times finishing the Transe-Gaule race across France. Don set pending marks for 48 hours(171 miles) in 2003 age group 65-69 and had 200.5 miles in age group 60-64 in 1998. He has also run across the US in Trans-Am and won the 1997 Ten Day with 531 miles.

Luis Rios,60,Brooklyn,NY, USA
In over 30 years of running, Luis has finished over 200 ultras including 12 multidays. He ran 525 miles last year in the Ten Day, and has moved into a new age group this year. In years past he has had several fast 100 milers and has gone over 140 miles for 24 hours.

Donald Landry,62,Montreal,Canada
Donald is moving up to the Ten day after a sparkling 361 miles in the Six day last year. He has completed 63 ultras and 109 marathons in 16 years of running.

Manfred Edinger,46,Vienna,Austria
Manfred reached 542 miles in the Ten Day last year, the longest he had ever run in 12 years of training and racing. He has completed over 20 ultras and two multidays.

Barney McBryde,43, Auckland,New Zealand In 13 years of running, Barney has completed 46 ultras including three multidays. In 2006 he reached 509 miles in the Ten Day, and in 2006 he ran 373 miles in the Six Day.

Chanakhya Jakovic,54,Jamaica,NY (UK)
In 35 years of running, Chanakhya has completed over 50 ultras, including 24 multidays. His bests are 308 miles for Six days, 470 miles for Ten days, and 653 miles in the 1000 mile race(2003).

Igor Mudryk,34,Vinnitsa,Ukraine
Last year Igor ran 533 miles in the Ten Day, which was his first multiday race. he has been running for 10 years.

Frederick Davis III,60, Cleavland,Ohio USA
Another prolific athlete, Frederick has completed 214 ultras in 26 years of running. He reached 500 miles last year in the Ten Day, his fifth multiday and longest distance covered in a race.

Jirka Caslava,33,Zlin, Czech Republic
Jirka has six multidays to his credit,including 485 miles in the Ten Day.

Valentyn Ionov,37,Kiev, Ukraine
Valentyn reached 472 miles last year in the Ten Day, his first multiday in 8 years of running.

Viddyut Balmer,25,San Francisco,CA USA
In eight years of running Viddyut has completed two multidays, including 440 miles in the Ten day in 2005.

Pradeep Hoogakker,29, DenHaag,Netherlands
In eight years of running, Pradeep has completed eight ultras, including 314 miles for six days.

Uwe Postler,44,Vienna, Austria
In 2007 Uwe ran 462 miles in the Ten Day, his fourth multiday and thirty-fifth ultramarathon.

Tamas Agostin,43, Budapest, Hungary
Tamas has a best of 420 miles in five multiday races.

Michel Gouin,47,Drummondville,Quebec,Canada
Michel has completed more than 100 ultras in 29 years of running. His most acclaimed achievement is a treadmill record in the Guinness record book a few years back.

Klaus Schulz,67,Berlin,Germany
Klaus has run 43 ultras in 14 years of running, including 9 multidays. His best for the Ten day is 427 miles.

Vladimir Razumovskiy,33,Krasnodor,Russia
This will be the first multiday for Vladimir in seven years of running.

Jewgenij Kuschnow,29,Vienna,Austria
Jewgenij has run four ultras in five years of running and looks forward to his first multiday.

Mykhailo Ukrainskyi,34,Berdyansk, Ukraine
Misha will be running his first multiday this year.


Lenka Svecova,33,Brno,Czech Republic
Lenka has completed 13 multidays in 26 years of running. Her bests include 1000 miles in 15 days 15 hours, 635 miles for ten days (split), and 413 miles for six days - all national records. She won the women's division of the Ten Day race in 2004 with 621 miles.

Kaneenika Janakova,38, Bratislava,Slovakia
In thirteen years of running, Kaneenika has completed seven multidays and 17 ultras. Her bests include 422 miles for six days, 700 miles in 10 days, 19 hours, and 1000 miles in 15 days, 19 hours. All three marks are Slovakian national records.

Nataliya Hlushchuk,32, Vinnitsa, Ukraine
In 12 years of running Nataliya has excelled in ultras, including 515 miles to lead the ladies in the 2004 Ten Day, and a personal best of 600 miles in 2006.

Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova,64,Smolensk,Russia
Pratishruti ran 1090 miles to lead the women in the 1300 mile race in 2003. In 2001 she finished the 1000 mile race in 16 days 01 hours, becoming the oldest finisher of that event at that time. Pratishruti reached 1015 miles in the 2002 1300 mile race in her first attempt at the distance. She has a best of 615 miles for ten days. She was a former professor of physical culture at Smolensk Institute, and was also a champion speed skater in earlier years. Last year she still churned out 507 miles at age 63.

Svitlana Samarina,33,Kiev,Ukraine

Svitlana completed 486 miles for fifth place last year in her third multiday.

Karnayati Morison,61,Ottawa,Ontario, Canada
Karnayati has run 13 ultras in 32 years of running. Her best multidays include 324 miles for six days, and 543 miles in the Ten Day.

Ivana Nemcova,27,Prague,Czech Republic
In 2006 Ivana ran 507 miles for her best Ten Day. She has been running for five years.

Ingrid Kirschner,42,Munich,Germany
Last year Ingrid finished fourth with 503 miles, her best performance in the Ten Day.She has five multidays in 11 years of running.

Dagmar Grossheim,46,Grafenberg,Germany
Dagmar has completed over 20 ultras in her 20 year competitive career. She has excelled in the Badwater Desert crossing (146 miles), as well as in the Ten Times Ironman Triathlon championship, which she won in 2006.

Shishaldin Hanlen,26, Brooklyn,NY USA
Shishaldin has run three multidays in six years of running, including 338 miles last year in the Six Day.

Marion Landry,63,Montreal,Canada
Marion has completed 63 ultras and 93 marathons in 14 years of running.Last year she ran 330 miles in her first Six day event, which is a pending Canadian age group record.

Vishuddhi Trummer,45,Wels,Austria
Visuddhi has completed three multiday races in 19 years of running, with a best of 436 miles in the Ten Day.

Alfia Olga Soboleva,45,Smolensk,Russia
Last year Olga ran 292 miles in six days in her fifth multiday. She has been running and training for 12 years.

Sylva Stradalova,29,Zlin, Czech Republic
Sylva has done 450 miles in the Ten Day from 2006, her best of three multidays in five years of running.

Olga Abramovskikh,27,Moscow,Russia
In five years of running, Olga has completed seven ultras. Her best distance is 512 miles in the Ten Day of 2006.

Niribili File,62, Auckland,New Zealand
This will be Niribili's sixth multiday race. She has run 500 miles for ten days and 331 miles for six days, which are both New Zealand age-group(50-54) records. Last year she ran 309 miles in the Six Day in her new age group.

Kateryna Krot,32,Mariopol, Ukraine
Kateryna had a pleasant beginning last year in her first multiday, running 300 miles in the Six Day. She has five ultras in eight years of running.

Kushali Tarantsova,41,Kiev,Ukraine
Last year Kushali completed 400 miles in the Ten Day, her fourth multiday. She has run 12 ultras in 10 years of running.

Abhaya Field,63, Christchurch,New Zealand
This will be Abhaya's third multiday in 11 years of running. she has a best of 283 miles in the Six Day race.

Tirtha Voelckner,36,Munich,Germany
Tirtha will be running her first multiday. she has run five ultras in 17 years of running.

Alina Sikorsky,29,Kingston,Ont. Canada
This will be Alina's first multiday in a brief running career.

Six Day Men - race starts April 27

Asprihanal Aalto,36,Helsinki,Finland
The three-time winner of our Six Day is back to defend his title and personal best of 505 miles from last year. Asprihanal has also completed the 3100 Mile race, longest footrace in the world, an amazing seven times, with four victories including the 2007 performance in another personal best of 43 days,four hours.

Katsuhiro Tanaka,36,Yokosuka,Kanagawa Japan
Katsu-san has completed over 100 ultras and 30 multidays in 24 years of running. His best for six days is 814.4 km(506 miles). Last year he finished second in the Athens International Ultra Festival, running 885 km(550 miles) in 7 days of stage running.

John Geesler,49,St. Johnsville,NY USA
Last year John finished third in the Six Day with 412 miles, his first attempt. He has completed over 100 ultras in a sparkling 24 year running career. Bests include the US 48 hour record of 248 miles in 2004, as well as a 24 hour age-group US record of 157.9 miles. On Jan 1 of 2005 he completed 300 miles at the Across the Years 72- Hour Race, and did 287 miles at the same race in 2007.

Mark Dorion,48, El Paso,Texas, USA
Last year Mark completed 397 miles in the Six day. Mark has been running 37 years, completing over 200 ultras. Bests include 131 miles for 24 hours, 5:55 for 50 miles, 7:36 for 100 km, and 2:27 for the marathon. Mark has been a race director of many short, popular trail runs in the Southwest, and is a regular contributer to Ultrarunning magazine.

Pranjal Milovnik,35, Bratislava,Slovakia
Pranjal has run 870 miles in 15 days, including splits of 622 miles for10 days and 392 for six days. Pranjal has been running for 17 years and has completed 23 ultras, including 8 multidays and two Ironman Triathlons.He has completed the 3100 mile race three times, with a best of 51 days,16 hours.

Pete Stringer,66, Osterville,MA USA
Pete has run over 60 ultras and countless marathons in 53 years of running. Last year in his Six Day debut, he garnered 332 miles and a lot of admiration from his fellow competitors.

Frederick Riemer,60, Salt Lake City, Utah USA
In the last 30 years, Fred has run over 125 ultras including 11 multidays.Best performances include 118 miles for 24 hours, several finishes of high mountain 100 mile trail races, and completion of our Five Day Race back in 1987 (268 miles). In 2005 he ran 279 miles in the Six Day.

Andrey Andreyev,42,St. Petersburg,Russia
Andrey surprised many with a very respectable 344 miles in his first multiday last year.He has been running for 12 years.

Yuri Trostenyuk,44,Vinnitsa,Ukraine
Yuri had good debut in the Six Day last year with 337 miles.

Pavel Szymanski,36,Zlin, Czech Republic
Last year Pavel ran 242 miles in his first multiday after six years of running and seven ultras.

Gary Cross,48,Douglas,Arizona, USA
Gary has completed 16 multidays in 39 years of running. Included are various efforts at 48 hours, and six days, with a best of 421 miles.Last year he ran 272 miles in five days before leaving to serve his Air Force requirements back home. Gary has also given back to the sport by offering races for the running community. He directs a Six Day race in Arizona. Roman Dzierlatka,51, Bristol, CT USA

In 30 years of running, Roman has run over 100 ultras and 8 multidays. His best is 269 miles in 2004.

Amiya Smerda,33,Ostrava,Czech Republic
Amiya completed 260 miles in his first Six Day in 2006.

Michal Petricek,43,Brno, Czech Republic
Michal has run 11 multidays in the last five years, with a best of 423 miles in the Ten Day in 2004.

Gabor Rongits,30,Budapest,Hungary
Gabor will be running his first multiday after 12 years of running.

Kamil Kozub,32,Zlin, Czech Republic

This will be the first multiday for Kamil after 12 years of running.

Purna-Samarpan Querhammer,30, Hamburg,Germany
This will be the first six day for Purna-Samarpa. He has completed 8 ultras and several marathons as well as three Ironman triathlons.

Sam Soccoli,76,N. Babylon,NY USA
Sam has run 44 ultras in the last six years. Bests include 364 miles for 7 days in 2006 and 191 miles in 72 hours in 2004.

Petr Simicek,31,Brno,Czech Republic
Petr has completed three ultras and one multiday in 10 years of running. This is his first Six Day.

Dmitry Volkov,34,Smolensk, Russia
This will be the first multiday for Dmitry in a brief running career.

Mikhail Nemtinov,45,Moscow,Russia
Mikhail will be attempting his first multiday in ten years of running.

Women - 6 Day

Dipali Cunningham,49, Melbourne,Australia
Dipali is one of the world's best women ultra-distance runners. She has won 19 of the 22 multiday events she has entered since 1992, including five overall victories. In the spring of 2001 she set a new women's world record on the road for six days with 510 miles, defeating all the men in that race. In 2001 she ran 700 miles in 9 days 11 hours, the third fastest all-time for women. In 1998 she set a women's world best on the road for six-days with 504 miles, despite heavy rains at Wards Island Park. In 1999 she won the 700 mile race overall in 10 days, 21 hours. She is ranked third in the world for 700 miles, and third for 1000 miles, having dominated the women's 1000 mile race in 1997 in 13 days, 20 hours. She has won all ten Six Day titles in our spring-time event. She is also the women's course record holder for the Ten Day with 723 miles.In 2004,Dipali set a new women's age group 45-49 world best for six days with 479 miles. Later in the fall, she won the 700 mile race overall, her eighth victory in that event.

Vedisha Papp,42,Budapest,Hungary
Vedisha has finished two multidays in 10 years of running. Her best Six Day was 262 miles.

Uljana Jevdokimova,53,Kerava,Finland
In seven years of running Uljana has finished one Six Day race with 245 miles.

Rageshri Muzychenko,38Kiev,Ukraine
Rageshri has completed four multidays in 16 years of running, with a best of 245 miles for Six Days.

Barbara Sorrell,50,Delmar,NY USA
In over 22 years of running, barbara has finished over 50 ultras, but will be attempting her first multiday. She has run ten 100 mile trail races and finished them all, with a best of 22 hours at the Vermont 100.

Darya Nikitina,24,Moscow,Russia
This will be the multiday debut for Darya in a brief running career.

Ujjwala Mettrick,22,Christchurch,NZ
Ujjwala has completed two ultras and 10 marathons in five years of running.This will be her first Six Day.

Sunanda Minarikova,33, Prague, Czech Republic
This will be the first multiday for Sunanda after 15 years of running.
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