Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Races

Flushing Meadows Corona Park New York

In this extreme race, an international field of runners come to test their endurance, skill with pacing, and ability to recover.

About the event

The Ten-Day race starts on Saturday, April 19 at 12:00 noon, EDT and finishes at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, April 29, 2013. This race is held concurrently with The Self Transcendence Six-Day Race. Both races end on April 29 at 12 noon, EDT.

These races feature an international field of runners who come to test their endurance, skill with pacing, and ability to recover from the stress of constantly moving. The competitors run with minimal sleep, all the while trying to accumulate as many miles as possible.

The course is a very flat, scenic, 1 mile loop (Certification Code NY11008JG) in a pleasant park setting near the famous areas of the World’s Fair of 1964 and close to the USTA facility, home of the US Open. There are many patches of green and trees, as well as close proximity to Meadow Lake. Temperatures in April in New York generally vary between 52º and 71º with extremes at 33º and 90º. In other words, plan for any conceivable weather condition, including rain and windy conditions.

Race videos

Watch our 6 and 10 day race slideshow, as well as participants describing their experiences


10 Days

    • 12 Noon Apr 19

6 Days

    • 12 Noon Apr 23


Sahishnu Szczesiul
718-297-2556 (also fax)
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Directions, Security, Rules . . .


Exit LaGuardia Airport following signs for the Grand Central Parkway (G.C.P) East. Take exit 9E Whitestone Expressway/Flushing Meadow Corona Park. Travel about 1/2 mile and take the Kennedy Airport Van Wyck Expressway South exit. Travel approx. 1 mile and get off at exit 11 Flushing Meadow Corona Park. Stay right and exit at Flushing Corona Park Meadow Lake. See directions to race site within Flushing Meadow Corona Park. (see map)


Exit Kennedy Airport to Van Wyck Expressway North. Drive approx. 5 miles to exit 12A East L.I. Expressway. Immediately on the left you will see a brown road sign announcing Meadow Lake. Turn left about 100 meters past this sign. This is a U-turn under the expressway which places you on the access road for the Van Wyck Expressway going South. Stay to your right and take the first exit you come to marked Flushing Meadow Corona Park/ Meadow Lake. See directions to race site within Flushing Meadow Corona Park. (see map)


After exiting the Van Wyck Expressway, make a right at the end of the exit. You are now in the Park and must obey the 5 mph speed limit. Continue approximately 1/2 mile keeping to the right. Cross over the small bridge (proceeding through a"Do Not Enter" sign) and stay left on the other side. Continue on the main road keeping Meadow Lake in sight. The race site is 400 meters from the bridge by the brick Park Comfort Station. You will see numerous large tents and the race setup area. (see map)


Please remember at all times that we are being hosted by the NYC Park Department to whom we are very grateful. Their rules will be enforced.

  • There is absolutely no alcohol allowed in the park.
  • No parking or driving in restricted areas. Where driving is allowed, do not exceed 5 mph. Cars should be parked in designated lots. That being said, the Park Department kindly allows us to bring in race support vehicles to park near the race. This is an unofficial courtesy that the Park offers us. However, should an official direct you that you are not allowed to park or drive in a particular area, by all means, that instruction must be strictly honored.
  • No hanging of laundry in public to dry. During darkness, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team will provide as many guards as possible to watch the course. However, all runners should be vigilant and anything suspicious should be immediately reported to the on-duty Race Director.


Four blocks of shops with most everything one might need is located within 1 km. If walking, take the pedestrian walkway over the Grand Central Parkway west of the race course. On the other side, turn left and follow the service road three blocks to 63rd Ave. Make a right and go 2 blocks to 108th Street where there is all sorts of shopping.

Hotels most used by runners:

LaGuardia Airport Clarion Hotel, 400 Ditmar Ave East Elmhurst, NY 718-335-1200

Courtyard Marriot, 90-10 Grand Central East Elmhurst, NY 718-446-4800

Best Western Hotel, 11310 Horace Harding Expy Flushing, NY 718-699-4400

Points of Interest

These New York, NY Points of Interest include information on various attractions, churches, convention centers & airports, dining and nightlife, museums and art galleries, national and city parks, famous neighborhoods and districts, shopping and sightseeing, theaters, universities and colleges, venues and sports arenas.

  • Bipin Larkin: 8 am - 6 pm
  • Sahishnu Szczesiul:6 pm - 1 am
  • Sandhini Fitch: 6 pm - 1am
  • Rupantar LaRusso: 1 am - 8am


Counting forms the heart of the race and accuracy is of utmost importance. With each lap, the runner should hear his name called and make visual contact with his assigned lap counter. Your race number must be worn and visible at all times.

  • There is a new counting shift approximately every 6 hours. At shift changes, your new counter should make his responsibility known to you.
  • Absolutely no pacing beyond 200 meters of the counting station by anyone.
  • Cutting course at any point will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Any anticipated time off the course, (medical, rest stop, food) which may last longer than 4 minutes should be reported to your counter, as these are recorded and must be part of the official record keeping.
  • Runners will be responsible for their own wakeup.
  • The score board is NOT official. Your lap counter maintains the official records. Any issues should be directed to the on-duty race director and not the lap counter for resolution.
  • There is a backup scoring system via video.

The staff members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team hope to serve the runners as best they can. They are there for the general support of all of the runners, as well as for the administration of the race. As such, they can not serve as individual helpers to any runner. By all means, runners are encouraged to have dedicated helpers during the race, who can service their specific needs. Except in rare instances, a Race Director is always present on the race course. Should any special problems or needs arise, kindly contact the on- duty Race Director.

The official race telephone is for race administration business only. We are requesting all runners/helpers to provide their own cellular phone for their personal usage. Unfortunately, in the United States cellular charges accrue when making a phone call and receiving a phone call. Therefore, the race number not to be used for personal calls. In the extreme case, should the race telephone need to be used, by all means, it must not leave the counting station. It must not be taken on the course"for a lap." Again, should the race phone be required for personal usage, the runners must provide a phone card for all long distance and international calling. Phone cards will be available for sale at the counting trailer.


There are two kitchens on the course: a dedicated Runners' only kitchen and a general Camp kitchen. The Runners' kitchen is for the exclusive use of the runners, and only the runners. Three healthy, tasty vegetarian meals are provided for runners on a daily basis. Meals are provided cafeteria style. Coffee, tea, sodas, water and mineral replacement drinks are also available. Snacks are available all day long. The Runners' kitchen is accessible for the runners around the clock. However, the morning, afternoon and evening meals will be served at approximately the following times:

Morning: 6:30 am; Afternoon: 12 noon; Evening: 7:00 pm.

Helpers may purchase food on a per day basis or per meal basis, should they wish. Purchased meals should be pre-arranged with the Race Director. Purchased helpers' meals will be served separately from the competitors' meals, in the Camp kitchen. As mentioned, the meals provided are vegetarian. Meat is certainly allowed on the course for our non- vegetarian guest runners, but must be self-provided and cooked in the Camp kitchen. Alcohol of any sort is expressly forbidden both by our race regulations and by those of the New York City Park Department. A second kitchen, the Camp kitchen, is for the convenience of handlers, race helpers (and the runners if they wish). Special foods brought to the race by participants may be stored here. Tables, a stove, toaster, microwave, blender and a hot water urn for preparation of foods are available. In addition, there are many snack foods available for all authorized helpers and race volunteers. As with the Runners' kitchen, if you use this facility, please be considerate of others by cleaning up after yourself. This includes washing anything you use...pans, blenders or whatever; wiping off tables; and removing any trash.

Community dorms are provided for men and women. Please note that dormitories are strictly segregated by gender. Because they are communal in nature, please be considerate to your dorm mates with regards to cleanliness of the area and clothing. As much as possible, try to honor one another's personal space, needs and resting habits.

The dugout is a long covered area with an open front adjacent to the race course. It is located directly across from the kitchens. The dugout area is provided to give runners quick and easy access to their gear. However, space is limited and we must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Two runners per table.
  • No beds or reclining chairs are permitted in the dugout area.
  • One chair per runner. Handlers must use their runner's chair if they choose to sit there.
  • All food and gear which does not fit on your half of the table must be stored in your personal tent or dormitory space.


Medical Services

  • A medical tent is provided for massage and specific treatment of injury. Please be aware that medical is provided in large part by volunteers who may not be professionals but are very good at general massage and kindness. Therefore, it may not always be possible to receive immediate professional help for specific injury.
  • Medical support will be provided for as many hours a day as possible, including evenings and night if staff is available. However, because it is supported by volunteers, it may not be available 24 hours a day. Medical hours will be posted.
  • The medical tent is divided into 3 areas: men's; women's; and a mixed area for husbands and wives. The men's/women's area is exclusively for men/women respectively.
  • The medical area is dedicated to medical services and is not intended as a rest area. Please rest in your tent or dorm space. Generally no more than 15 minutes is allowed per runner per medical break, and no more than 2 medical breaks per runner per day is a good guideline.
  • Nutritional supplements may be provided to runners on a per need basis. These supplements must be administered by the medical staff only. Under no circumstances should "bottles" of any supplement or medication be taken from the medical area.
  • Ice packs are generally available.