Sri Chinmoy 5K, Half-Marathon and Relay

Flushing Meadows Park, Queens New York

Two scenic races through Flushing Meadows Park!

Scenic and historic race setting
Accurately measured USATF certified course
Free T-Shirt
Bag check
Aid stations every mile
Free parking
Medals for all finishers
Kids Race at 8:45 AM
Post-race pancake breakfast!

About the event

Join us on Saturday, May 12 for our inaugural Half-Marathon in Flushing Meadows Park!  The course follows a scenic and mostly flat loop through the park.  Four loops = Half-Marathon

Not up for a Half-Marathon?  Enter the 5K race, or better yet, for a morning of fun, grab some friends and sign up for the Half-Marathon Relay!

9:00 AM simultaneous start for the 5K, Half-Marathon, & Relay.  Kids race at 8:45 AM

How does the Half-Marathon Relay work?
Each relay team must have 2-4 members.  Each team member must complete at least one lap.  For teams with less than 4 members, at least one member will need to complete an extra lap (or laps). Choose your strongest runner or runners, or draw straws... however you like.  You do not need to decide in advance which team members will complete which laps (or the extra laps in the case of smaller teams).  Team members completing extra laps can do them consecutively (e.g. 2nd & 3rd laps) or non-consecutively (e.g. 1st & 3rd laps)... it's all up to your team's strategy!  Relay team categories:  All male, all female, or mixed (at least 1 male and 1 female member).

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Sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in cooperation with the NYC Parks Department.




    • 9:00 AM
    • $35 Early Registration
    • $45 Race-Day (IF Available)

Half-Marathon Relay

    • 9:00 AM
    • $20 Early Registration
    • NO Race-Day registration

Kids Race

    • 8:45 AM
    • $5, Race-Day Only


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  • USATF certified course #NY16032JG


Registration and Fees

We strongly recommend pre-registering for this event, race-day registration may not be available

Register Online through RedPodium or Active.  Processing fee applies (RedPodium has lower fee).
Register by mailDownload entry form. Entry must be postmarked no later than Friday, April 27 to be accepted.

5K:      Early: $20, Race-Day: (IF available) $30 
Half-Marathon:      Early: $35, Race-Day: (IF available) $45
Half-Marathon Relay:  Early: $20 per team member.  No Race-Day entry for relay.

Early registration: Through Monday, May 7
Race-day registration (IF available):  7:45-8:30 AM.  Cash, check, money order ONLY. (Sorry, no credit cards).  Please check our website on May 4 to see if race day registration will be offered for the 5K and Half-Marathon.  Race-day registration will NOT be available for the Half-Marathon Relay.

Entries are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.

The Course

A scenic, mostly flat, USATF certified loop starting at the north end of Meadow Lake, passing the iconic World's Fair Unisphere, Fountain of the Planets, Queens Zoo, New York State Pavilion and Queens Museum of Art.  5K = 1 loop, Half-Marathon = 1x 5K loop + 3x  5.37K loop

Half-Marathon Relay Rules

  • Each relay team must have 2 to 4 team members.  
  • There are 3 relay team categories:  All male, all female, or mixed (at least one male and one female member).  The team's category is determined by the gender makeup of team after online race registration closes.
  • Each team member must complete at least one lap. 4 laps = Half-Marathon.  
  • If the relay team has less than 4 members, at least one team member must complete more than one lap.  It's up to the team's strategy which team member(s) complete the extra lap(s), and in which order the laps are completed.
  • All relay team members must register online through our RedPodium registration page
  • The first team member to register must "create" a relay team as they register 
  • Additional relay team members must register and pay for their entries separately, making sure to sign up for the relay team as they register.
  • Deadline for all team members to register is Friday, May 4 (online registration close).  There will be no race-day registration for relay teams.
  • If for any reason your team-mates do not show up on race-day, your relay entry can be converted to the 5K race at no charge, however this must be done on race day before 8:30AM

Number Pickup

Number pickup for all races will be on race-day only, from 7:45-8:30 a.m


Free T-Shirts for all participants registered by Friday, April 27
For participants registered after April 27, any extra T-Shirts will be available after the race, distributed on a first-come first-serve basis
T-Shirt sizes are Unisex: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL


Mens and Womens awards categories:

5K and Half-Marathon:

Under 50: Top 3
50-59: Top 2
60 and over: First place

Half-Marathon Relay:

First place each for top men's team, women's team, and mixed team (men & women)

Awards ceremonies:

5K:  9:50 a.m.
Half-Marathon & Relay: 11:30 a.m.

Post-Race Pancake Breakfast!

Hot pancakes are even more enjoyable after you’ve run a race, and we’re cooking them up fresh for everyone on race day! yes, of course they're free, and yes, we have toppings!

Kids Race

There will be a kids race at 8:45 a.m. for children under 13. 100 meter and 400 meter distances - depending on the child’s age. Registration - $5 - is on race day only, starting at 8:30 a.m. Each child will receive a small prize.

Time Limits

5K: 1 hour (20 minute/mile pace)
Half-Marathon: 3 hours 15 min (15 minute/mile pace)

Age Restrictions

5K & Half-Marathon Relay:  Open to ages 13 & up
Half-Marathon:  Open to ages 16 & up



The closest subway station is Mets-Willets Point on the number 7 subway line (view MTA subway map).

Click to open Race-Day Central on Google Maps

Exit the train and follow the signs to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. This will lead you across a bridge. Essentially, you'll first head for the Unisphere - pass it - and then walk over the footbridge over the Long Island Expressway to get to the race staging area at Meadowlark Circle at the North end of Meadow Lake. It’s a little more than 1 mile from the Subway station to the race staging area (the perfect warm-up jog!). View map of walking route from Mets-Willets station to race staging area



Due to major construction in the area of Flushing Meadows Park north of Meadow Lake, currently the only route to the parking lot next to 'Race-Day Central' is to enter the park from westbound 69th Road, just past the intersection of Park Drive East.  If you've been to our races before, this is NOT the usual route into the park.

Also, due to one-way roads, exiting the park is via a slightly different route.

Because navigation apps do not recognize some of the roads inside the park and are not up to date with the road closures due to construction, we recommend the following:

1. Use this google map link to navigate to westbound 69th Rd. using GPS.  This is just outside the park.

2. Then follow the map and instructions on this PDF for driving from westbound 69th Rd. into the park and to Race-Day Central, which is about one mile inside the park. 

Alternatively, you can follow these written instructions from the Van Wyck or Grand Central Parkway:


  1. Take Exit 11 "Flushing Meadows Corona Park / 69 Rd. - Jewel Ave."
  2. After 0.2 miles, use the middle lane to continue towards "Van Wyck Expwy / 69 Rd. - Jewel Ave." (do not follow exit on right that says"Flushing Meadows Corona Park")
  3. After 0.3 miles, exit right towards "69 Rd. - Jewel Ave."
  4. After 0.2 miles turn right at the stoplight.  You are now on westbound 69 Rd. follow directions below "To parking lot"


  1. Take Exit 11 "69 Rd. - Jewel Ave."
  2. After 0.1 miles, turn left onto Park Dr. East
  3. After 0.3 miles, turn left at the stoplight onto 69 Rd. / Jewel Ave.  Follow directions below "To parking lot"


  1. Take Exit 11 "69 Rd. - Jewel Ave.", merge onto service road
  2. After 0.4 miles (2nd stoplight), turn left onto Jewel Avenue.
  3. After 0.4 miles, get in the left lane and make a U-turn at Park Dr. East (2nd stoplight).  You are now on westbound 69 Rd.  Follow directions below "To parking lot"


  1. Take Exit 11E-W "Jewel Ave. - 69 Rd."
  2. After 0.1 miles, stay to the right towards "Jewel Ave. - 69 Rd."
  3. The exit ramp curves to the right and merges onto Jewel Ave.
  4. After 0.2 miles, get in the left lane and make a U-turn at Park Dr. East (2nd stoplight).  You are now on westbound 69 Rd.  Follow directions below "To parking lot"


Directions begin from westbound 69 Rd., west of Park Dr. East

  1. After 0.1 mi, take exit on right for “Grand Central Parkway / RFK Bridge”
  2. After 0.1 mi, take an unmarked exit ramp on the right. Merge onto park road (Meadow Lake Dr.)
  3. After 0.3 mi, bear right to stay on Meadow Lake Dr. (DON'T bear left, you’ll end up on the Grand Central Parkway!)  The first section of road here is a little rough and often has big puddles, but you’re heading the right way.
  4. After 0.6 mi, bear left at the fork.
  5. After 0.1 mi, turn right into the parking lot

To view the location of "Race-Day Central" on google maps, you can either click this google map link, or type in "Meadowlark Circle, Queens, NY 11375", but DON'T use GPS to try to navigate there from outside the park, it will try to send you through one of the entrances that are currently closed.