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Nirbhasa is originally from Ireland but currently lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is an enthusiastic multi-day runner, having completed four times the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race - the longest race in the world.

"1000 Mile Race Sees Title Battle - Event Goes Back-To-Back with 24 Hour Race


New Zealander Siggy Bauer, 44, the first man to conquer 1,000 miles, travels halfway around the world to defend his title. His time for the event is 12 days, 36 hours and 20 minutes. Pitted against the world record holder is reigning American champion Don Choi, winner of last year's event; and Trishul Cherns, the Canadian 1,000 mile champion. An unknown factor is Stu Mittleman, 1985 Ultrarunner of the Year and holder of the American 100 mile road and 6-day records.

Going back to back with the 1,000 mile event is the 7th annual Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Road Race, to be held on the same course one day earlier. Last year's race saw Yiannis Kouros set a world record of 178 miles, despite the fury of Hurricane Gloria. Among this year's field of 40 runners is Don Jewell, who set a North American record in the 1984 event; and 1983 winner Luis Rios. The 24 hour event runs 8am to 8am, April 25 - 26.

There is no prize money for either race. They are being run as pure amateur events, for the love of the sport itself.


Photo: pioneer ultra runner and race director Don Choi (l) grabs a snack at the 1986 Sri Chinmoy 1,000 Mile Road Race.

The 1,000 mile contenders are well known to area runners. In 1983 Bauer won the NYRRC 6 day race. Choi, a San Francisco postman, pioneered the re-emergence of American multi-day running, organizing then running in and winning the first 48 hour and 6 day races. Cherns, a flower store manager, holds every Canadian multi-day record from 48 hours to 1,000 miles. Mittleman, a native New Yorker, is one of America's most popular and well-known multi-day runners.


Joe Michaels, Cardiac Runners founder. Photo: Arthur L. Field

The deep and colorful field of multi-day veterans also includes Marvin Skagerberg, who last year raced Englishman Malcolm Campbell 4,000 miles across America; and 69 year old Willie Rios, holder of America senior ultra records from 24 hours to 6 days. Two runners travel from Britain: Alan Fairbrother, a veteran 6-day runner and record holder; and Dan Coffey, 54, holder of world ultra  records for age 50 and over. Joe Michaels, the "Cardiac Runner" who suffered five heart attacks before recuperating by starting to jog, will take part as well. He is the founder and president of Cardiac Runners Inc. The one woman accepted thus far is Francoise Lamothe, 62, from France. She holds numerous world ultra records. (Editor's note: although Francoise Lamothe was unable to attend the race, two other women were later accepted, Kim Cavanagh and Sulochana Kallai).

There is a 15-day cut off for the race.

Pivoting around the competitors, in a "Runners' Village" constructed on the race site, over 100 support team members provide a 24-hour kaleidoscope of action. It is a carnival of sights and sounds along the one-mile loop that skirts the Carousel and Children's Zoo. Cooks serve up flapjacks and stroganoff, midnight soup and banana smoothies. And all the while, the counting crew meticulously logs the passing miles."

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