• The 26th Sri Chinmoy Ten Day Race April 17-27 2024
  • The 25th Sri Chinmoy Six Day Race April 21-27 2024

Both races utillized the loop course at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the second year of the former course measured at 0.747979 mile/1.203577km,. The course is mostly flat and very similar tomany of our previous running courses that had acquired several multiday race performances over the last 24 years, minus the two and a half years during the Covid pandemic.

The recovery of the Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Race, which started in 1996 , was a joy for the running world that discovered long distance events the last several years, both in the US, and in Europe as well. 

The Ten Day garnered 18 men and 6 women taking quick use of the course and a semi-quiet park as the noon-time start on April 17.

The quickest runners would most likely run the course with their best days ahead of them. Multi-time winner Budjagal Byambaa from Mongolia led the fastest fellows along, but the fastest lady Annabel Hepworth was set to lead many runners .

The typical Spring weather patterns began as rain arrived about two or three hours into the event. Still, the runners continued on their assault for miles and kms. Just before the sun disappeared, the rain disappeared but the runners continued to test the course and their own forward movement. Budjargal lead throughout the first night, and by the first 24 total arrived, he reached 112.9 miles/ 181.7kms. Chia-Hung Wei from Tiawan came through with 109.9 miles/ 176.86kms. No surprise, as third overall was Annabel Hepworth, the Australian with 99.4 miles/ 159.97kms.  Another surprise was Benjamin Torok from Hungary, who reached 94.9 miles / 152.74kms-moving well in his first ever 10 Day.

The runners always seem to develop a true concern for their own runner-friends, both new and formerly previously. We were so fortunate to have numerous helpers who worked the lap counting, making tasty food, and a solid group of men and women medical providers. Checking foot and ankle problems, and just getting through a long or overnight running test.

By the time of three complete days had passed, the 10 day runners kept their movement as steady and regular as possible.  In a day later, 9 more runners would join the frey, so there was more solid efforts to fill the course.   

The end of Day 4 showed Budjargal still in the front, and Andrea Marcato was solid in second place. Radu Budan from Moldova was solid in fourth place, and Annabel Hepworth was at 305.9 miles/ 492.298 km.

As the Six Day Race began for the 25th time, the leader Ashprihanal Aalto from Finland assumed the position as head of the group, reaching 108.45 miles/ 174.54km  in the first day.  Abhejali  Bernadova from Check Republic led the ladies with 78 miles/ 123.98 km.

The Ten Day Race had more intense efforts that showed great movements from the top 10 or 11 runners. The air was pleasant, the rain stayed away, but runners did not stop. Budjargal threw down 84.5 miles on Day Five, and moved over 70 miles ahead of second for the men. Annabel Hepworth continued her powerful movement and placed fourth overall , and nearly 80 miles ahead of second lady Gesiane Nascimento of Brazil.  Alex Ramsey from the US, and  Benjamin Torok from Hungary was really putting up a real test to move into fifth or sixth place for the men. By the eighth and nine day efforts they were only a few miles apart. Each of the two men were really enjoying the test of finding more miles and more joy in becoming great distance runners.

The total of runners who reached 1000km+ became seven, as six men and the top lady showed us all they are in a great place. Budjargal made it to his best ever, reaching 817.5 miles/ 1315.6 km. He passed his previous best of 810 miles in 2018. Second place came to Andrea Marcato,  the Italian who reached 743.4 miles/ 1196.3km. Third place reached the Taiwanese hero Chia-Hung Wei. It was another personal best for him as he reached 709 miles/ 1141 km. He surprised himself!

Fourth place overall was our top lady - Annibel Hepworth, 685.1 miles/ 1102.5 km. She reached a PB, a national  W50.

Fifth place was Radu Budan, setting a PB with 646.2 miles/ 1039.9 km.

Fifth place for the men, sixth overall was Alex Ramsey. Another personal best of 623.8 miles/ 1003.9km. And finally, the Sixth mail and seventh member of the 1000km group was Benjamin Torok, who reached 623.0 miles/ 1002.6km.

There were also several other PB’s in the Ten Day. One of the most remarkable was the fourth place for the women- Tamara Babich

From Katachstan, who at age 73 reached 483.7 miles/ 776.7 km.

The Six Day Race also had excellent performances.  Ashprihanal Aalto won overall with 436.1 miles/ 701km.  Abhejali Bernardova reached 344.8 miles/ 554.8km.  And last but not least- 86 year old Don Winkley from Texas, USA-m completed 148 miles/ 238.1 km, after five days (his plane was delayed a day by heavy storms in the South west.)

As always, thanks to all the runners for testing themselves in any way possible, and all the helpers keeping our multiday races continuing on the lists in the US as well as in Europe. Good Luck to all


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