Rupantar La Russo, Race Director. Rupantar began serving the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (SCMT) in 1985 at the inaugural 1000 mile Race. In 1991 Sri Chinmoy appointed Rupantar to oversee the global Marathon team's activities as well as directing all races and other sporting events in the New York area.

In his spare time Rupantar has a full time job as a printer at The Manifestation Glow. Rupantar has completed 14 marathons with a personal marathon best 3.30. He has also completed two 47 mile races. Sore knees have temporarily curtailed Rupantar's running career but he is currently an enthusiastic proponent of yoga and pilates.

Bipin Larkin, Associate Race Director. Bipin has been working on SCMT events since the early eighties. A carpenter by trade Bipin has brought and continues to bring countless innovations to our multi-day race set-up, which resemble small villages.

Bipin has completed 17 marathons and five 47 miles races. When not working in construction or putting on races he enjoys surfing on Long Island as well as other more exotic locations when he can get way. He has also assisted Ashrita Furman break more than 20 world records.

Sahishnu Szczesiul, Associate Race Director. Sahishnu has been involved with the marathon team almost since it's inception. He is responsible for all the time keeping, officiating and results of our ultra races. Sahishnu also manages the website and posts all the daily updates for the ultra races.

Having completed 37 marathons and 33 ultras Sahishnu is well aware of runners needs in multi-days. With a marathon best of 3.29 Sahishnu now enjoys a daily program of race-walking. Sahishnu also manages a delightful vegetarian restaurant called the Smile of the Beyond with a scrumptious selection of breakfast and lunch items to choose from.

Sandhani Fitch, Associate Race Director. Sandhani has been involved with the Marathon Team since it's beginning, organizing races in Connecticut in the early seventies. He also played a major role in the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon from 1979 to 1993. He began running in 1971 and still manages to run regularly as much as his knees allow.

Sandhani also owns a gourmet organic coffee distribution business called Champion-Perfection-Pride with the finest organic blends from around the world.