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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.

"Greek Runner Topples Three World Road Records" (Press Release). November 8, 1984. Retrieved 2012-09-17. Archive copy at the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Office, Queens, New York.

App24.jpeg"Three world road records fell at the feet of Greek distance runner, Yiannis Kouros, in the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Race, November 7-8 in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY.

Kouros' 177 mile run shattered the standing mark of 170 miles, 231 yards; his 200K time of 15:11:48 eliminated the previous record of 16:40:00 and his 100 mile time of 11:46:36 bested Don Ritchie's longstanding record of 11:51:12. These marks, along with the 16 records he set during the 1984 NYRRC's 6-Day Race on Randall's Island, bring to nineteen his total world records.

Sri Chinmoy, sports philosopher and race director, said to Kouros, 'You are not only a Greek; you have become a universal figure. This is just the beginning. You will do many miracles on earth. Long distance running and your name will go together.'



Other records set during the race included second place Don Jewell's run of 145 miles, 1115.28 yards, besting the North American road record of 140 miles, 229 yards.

First woman, Kay Moore, of Colorado, ran 122 miles, 190.95 yards to better the woman's world age category (40-44) record of 118 miles 1380 yards.

Pausing to savor the victory of the new world record mark set 21 hours, 11 minutes and 45 seconds into the 24-hour race, Yiannis shyly accepted words of encouragement from team founder Sri Chinmoy and listened attentively as members of the host team sang a song written in his honor by Sri Chinmoy. Kouros then generously reciprocated by offering Greek sweets to the entire host team and celebrating bystanders.



The field of 56, the largest field ever assembled for a 24-hour road race, ran on a one-mile loop passing near the zoo grounds of Flushing Meadows Park. Entrants included New York's 68-year-old Willie Rios, who ran a personal best of 90 miles for the 24-hour event despite a back injury sustained while lifting weights. Willie upped his PR by 23 miles. 'Cardiac Runner' Joe Michaels, now well known to both ultra and middle-distance local runners, logged over 81 miles in the third leg of his 'Marathon Grand-Slam' - an attempt to run 3 marathons and 1 ultra marathon in less than one month's time. Sarama Minoli, 54, of the host Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, logged a commendable 80 miles 729 yards, after having completed the Team's 47-mile run in August. (Photo: Sri Chinmoy (l) and NY State Senator Gary Ackerman (r) at the race start). This was the 6th running of the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour-Race, which is considered by many to be the premiere 24-hour race in the country."

Selections from the media...

  • Coyle, Eddie. "World mark falls as Kouros wins Sri Chinmoy Run." Daily News (New York), November 9, 1984. "Braving the chill night air and the first touch of real fall weather, Yiannis Kouros of Greece added to his living-legend status when he shattered the world's record for 24 hours in winning the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Run yesterday at Flushing Meadow Park..."

  • Wiener, Caryn Eve. "Bayside Man Runs His Races From - and for - the Heart." New York Newsday, November 12, 1984. "Joe Michaels did not finish first in the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour run in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. But victory was his, nonetheless. He savored it Thursday morning, relaxing at home after running 81 miles, circling repeatedly the route from the park's zoo to the science building. True, the 43-year-old Bayside man did not cross the finish line ahead of the race's victor, the record-holding Yiannis Kouros of Greece, who ran 177 miles. But Michaels, who has suffered seven heart attacks and a double pulmonary embolism, won by simply being able to compete..."
  • Nick Marshall: 1984 Ultradistance Summary, p71. "Martin Yecies, in 9th place with a PR 120.62 commented, 'Yiannis was a thing of beauty. His form was magnificent, with no wasted motion. The only person I really feel sorry for was Don Jewell. Imagine running 145 miles and being 32 miles behind the winner!' Actually, I imagine Jewell was not too unhappy with his day. While all the attention may have been focused on the headline attraction, Don cranked out a distance that was the best by any American during the year, and surpassed George Gardiner's 1982 U.S. road best by almost 4 miles. The competition spurred on others as well. Luis Rios' 135.40 was a typically solid run by him, but tying with him was Michael Fedak, and that was unexpected. In 7th place, Kay Moore was at it again, with an outstanding 122.10 miles this time. Robyn Hanscom PR'ed behind her at 112.25, as did Pippa Davis with 105 miles.'

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Sri Chinmoy (r) congratulates local running star and second place finisher, Don Jewell. Ultra great Yiannis Kouros (l) thanks the counting crew upon completion of his record breaking 24 hour run.




Joe Michaels, 'The Cardiac Runner'.

 Willie Rios, holder of numerous veteran world and national records.



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