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Rupantar has been the race director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team since 1985, having been asked by Sri Chinmoy to serve in that capacity. As well as working on the big races the US Marathon Team organise each year - the 3100 Mile Race and the Six and 10 Day Race - he also spends a considerable amount of time archiving the Marathon Team's 40 year history on this website.

Rae Clark Sets USA 100 Mile Record in Sri Chinmoy 100 Mile Race.

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Rae Clark of Santa Clara, CA set a new USA 100 Mile Record of 12 hours 12 minutes at the (1989) Sri Chinmoy 100 Mile TAC/USA Championship, held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, NY on April 1-2.

Photo: Adarini

From the original press release:

"The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team hosted the official 1989 USA 100 Mile National Championship in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, NY over the weekend of April 1-2. A new USA 100 mile record was set at the event by Rae Clark of Santa Clara, CA. He kept up a 7 1/2 minute pace throughout the event, setting a new USA 100 mile record of 12 hours 12 minutes. This was 44 minutes faster than the previous record of 12 hours 56 minutes, set by New Yorker Stu Mittleman in 1982. Women's winner was Christine Gibbons of Elmwood Park, NJ (16 hours 41 minutes). Antana Locs, a member of the Montreal, Canada Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, came in second for the women and set a new Canadian women's 100 mile record of 18:27:07.

These champions were part of a field of 52 elite ultra runners who were accepted into the invitational race from around the country...

Rae Clark of Santa Clara, CA broke the dantebjohn.jpgAmerican 100 Mile road record by 13 minutes and placed first in the TAC/USA 100 Mile Championship which began Saturday, April 1 at 8:00 a.m., Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY, sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team...Clark held the best American time for 100 km in 1988."

Photo: Dan Brannen (l), IAU co-founder, Ted Corbett (c), ultra running pioneer, and John Kenul, local ultra runner, just prior to the start of the TAC/USA 100 Mile National Championship.


Chris Gibbons_0.jpg

Chris Gibbons (left), 1989 USA/TAC Women's 100 Mile Champion

Photo: Adarini

Chris Gibbons of Elmwood Park, NJ became the 1989 USA/TAC 100 Mile Women's Champion after winning the women's division of the Sri Chinmoy 100 Mile USA/TAC Championship in 16 hours 41 minutes. The event was held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, NY on April 1-2.



The start of the Sri Chinmoy 100 Mile TAC/USA National Championship. Ted Corbitt, ultra runner legend (far left in photo), and a previous owner of the North American 100 mile record, gave the runners an encouraging send-off.

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