Sri Chinmoy La Jolla Swim & Run is CANCELLED

La Jolla Shores Beach San Diego

Due to the public health crisis, the Swim & Run will not take place in 2020. Pre-registered athletes will recieve a refund.

Participate as an individual or a relay team. Choose 5K or 10K for the run leg of relay.
Swim course monitored by San Diego lifeguards
Splits and water station at each mile during run
High-quality t-shirt, finisher's medal, refreshments, and coupons for Jyoti-Bihanga Restaurant provided to all participants
Age-group awards for individuals (in both swim/run distances) plus awards for top relay teams
Chip timing
Run-only or Swim-only options available (call Race Director to enter for discounted fee)
The perfect activity for enjoying this iconic San Diego venue!

About the event

4/1/20 Update: Due to the worldwide public health crisis, the Sri Chinmoy La Jolla Swim & Run will not take place in 2020.  All pre-registered athletes will receive a refund of the published race fee (please appeal to for the refund of the add-on charge). Please give us some time to process these refunds. We wish you all good health and peace of mind--and we look forward to the time when we can once again share the joy and community of sport with you.

2020 Race Date: CANCELLED


The Sri Chinmoy La Jolla Swim & Run begins with a 1-mile ocean swim and continues with a 10K or 5K  run at La Jolla Shores Beach (on a loop course along flat-packed sand at water's edge). Run-only entry is also an option.

All staging, check-in, etc. takes place at La Jolla Shores Beach. Athletes should park in the La Jolla Shores parking lot or along the local streets. There is plenty of parking available early in the morning.

Pre-registration is strongly recommended but day-of-race registration will be available from 6:00 a.m. to 6:50 a.m. at La Jolla Shores Beach.

All athletes will be required to sign a Liability Waiver on race day. Athletes under 18 years of age must bring along a parent to sign the waiver on race day. All athletes are required to wear their paper race number bib during the RUN portion of the event (and a body number during the swim).


1-mile Swim and choice of 10K or 5K Run

    • 7:30 am La Jolla Shores
    • Pre-registration: $60 Individuals, $80 Relay
    • Day-of-race: $70 Individuals, $90 Relay
    • Swim-only or Run-only: $50
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5K or 10K Run-only

    • 7:50 am (register by 7:00)
    • $50.00

1-mile Swim only

    • 7:30 a.m.


Vasudha (Race Director, Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team)
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Award categories

  • Awards for each age group in Swim & Run: 19/under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60/over
  • Awards for top Men's, Women's & Mixed relay teams in Swim & Run
  • Run-only and Swim-only options include all race amentiies except age-group awards

Race Details

PRE-REGISTRATION is available by mail, phone (no added fee), or online at (added fee). Pre-registration closes end of day on May 15, but you can still register on day of race. (Online entry not available for athletes aged 17/under; please opt for mail or phone entry.)

DAY-OF-RACE REGISTRATION is available from 6:00 a.m. to 6:50 a.m. at La Jolla Shores Beach.

For additional information or to enter by phone, please call Race Director at 619-251-6321.



  1. Please plan to arrive at LA JOLLA SHORES BEACH by 6:30 a.m. (by 6:15 if not pre-registered). There is ample parking at this time of the morning in the parking lot or along the street. There are several things that need to be done before the start, so we advise you to arrive early enough to get it all done in a stress-free manner.
  2. Proceed to either the PRE-REGISTERED CHECK-IN table or the DAY-OF-RACE REGISTRATION table You will check in, sign the Liability Waiver (required for all athletes), get your race bib, and get your t-shirt (or water bottle). Please note that both members of a relay team must check in and sign the waiver. Also, all athletes under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent who will sign the Liability Waiver. (Note that unlike previous years, the race bibs will not be sent by mail ahead of time; this is because the timing chips are put on the bibs just prior to race day.)
  3. Next, go to the BODY NUMBER AREA. All swimmers must get a body number. Note that you DO NOT WEAR YOUR PAPER RACE BIB IN THE WATER. However, you MUST wear your paper race bib during the run portion of the race. To help with chip timing, attach your bib to a race belt or use two pins (at the top) to attach to the front of  your shirt or shorts. Your race bib must be able to be seen by race officials during the entirety of the Run. Please bring your own swimming cap.
  4. Once you have your body number, proceed to the TRANSITION AREA where you will arrange your running gear in the designated area. We’ll provide a clear drawstring bag (18” x 20”) for you to put your gear into, as well as a bag tag that matches your race bib number. (You can use your own gear bag if you like.)

    Be sure to attach your paper race number (with timing chip) to either the shirt, shorts, or race belt you will wear during the Run (again, please don’t wear it during the Swim). We advise athletes to wear running shoes during the run portion of the race, but we do not require it. This year will be a very low tide, so there should be plenty of flat-packed sand to run on (but there may also be small rocks and seaweed).
  5. At about 7:10, the Starter will walk athletes south along the beach to the designated swim start area. The Swim will start promptly at 7:30 a.m. The swim is an out-and-back around three large orange buoys. The swim begins near the boat ramp, but the swim exit is at the main lifeguard tower at La Jolla Shores (near the Transition Area). San Diego City lifeguards will accompany the swimmers.
  6. The Run course is a 1.03-mile loop. 10K runners will do six loops; 5K runners will do 3 loops. To help you track your laps, note the time on the clock when you start the run, and keep in mind that each lap should approximate your 1-mile pace. Top athletes in each category will be counted by Race Officials for back-up, but all athletes are required to count their own laps.
  7. If you are in the low-tide Run-only category (not swimming), please congregate near the Run Start (chip timing threshold) when others walk down the beach to start the swim. The race officials will start you with a separate "gun start;" the exact time will be determined race morning.
  8. A note about CHIP TIMING: For the first time, we are featuring chip timing this year. Here’s how it works:
    • The “gun time” (swim start) will be the start time for all athletes (except those doing the run-only category).
    • When you exit the water, there will be a clock and there will be a volunteer calling out swim times. Please take note this time yourself if you want to know your exact swim split.
    • After you emerge from the Transition Area, your RUN TIME will start as soon as you cross under the timing arch. On each loop of the course, when you cross the timing arch, it will record your split (1.03 miles). As you complete the last lap, the chip timing will record your FINISH TIME. Your Finish Time minus your Run Time will be recorded as your “swim + transition time.”
  9. An Awards Ceremony will be held around 9:15 a.m. Please grab some refreshments after your race, relax on the beach, and stick around for the awards! 


Please contact the Race Director at 619-251-6321 if you want to do only the Swim or Run portion of the event. Discounted entries ($60) are available for these categories, but a separate race number is required. Swim-only and Run-only participants get all race amenities (Transition Area, T-shirt, Finisher's Medal, Refreshments, Timing, Results, etc.) but there are no age-group awards for these categories.