Sri Chinmoy San Diego 6-hour Race

Miramar Reservoir (Scripps Ranch Drive) San Diego

6-Hour Race at beautiful Lake Miramar in San Diego

A beautiful, serene urban lake setting on paved asphalt path
Medals and certificates for all participants. Awards for M/W Open, 50-59, and 60/over.
Three aid stations along the course--plus a hearty lunch at the end of the race
5-mile loop course with gentle rolling hills
Lap/mileage is chip-counted.
The course is condensed to a 1-mile loop in the final hour to ensure that athletes receive credit for their full mileage.
Runners and walkers of all paces are welcome.
70-runner limit

About the event

See photos of the 2023 event

Mark your calendar for Sunday, Nov. 10!

Test your endurance and enjoy a beautiful morning run (or walk) on a 5-mile loop course around a serene lake.

Whether you're training for a Fall/Winter marathon or just want to test your endurance, this 6-hour race is an ideal choice. And it's a perfect distance for those seeking to go beyond the marathon distance.

In addition to the fuel and encouragement you'll get at the aid stations, you'll be able to leave your own gear/nutrition in a secure area so you can reach for it each lap or as needed.

Laps and mileage are counted via chip. Splits are given every 5 miles (one loop of the course). There are permanent markers at every 1/4 mile.

All paces welcome--see what you can do in 6 hours!

This race is sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (SCMT), which for the past 40+ years has been a preeminent organizer of races around the world from 2 miles to the longest certified footrace of 3,100 miles. While November marks the first time this 6-hour race has taken place in San Diego, SCMT has organized a long-running Swim & Run in La Jolla as well as weekly 2-mile fun run event.

This is a USATF sanctioned event.

Parking options are off-site but very close to the lake entrance.

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6-hour race (as far as you want to go)
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Start time

  • 7:00 a.m.


  • $75.00 (through Oct. 31)
  • $85.00 (Nov. 1 and after)


Sri Chinmoy Races
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Award categories

  • Awards are given in the Open division (49/under) as well as for 50-59 and 60/over age groups.
  • Medals and certificates will be given to all participants.


  • Sanctioned by USATF

About the course

For the first 4.5 hours, athletes will traverse the 5-mile loop along the lake, moving in a clockwise direction. Around the 4:45 mark, we will open a smaller out-and-back loop (~2 mile) which athletes will exclusively use for the final hour of the race. This switch to the smaller loop is done to ensure that athletes have the best chance of completing as many miles as they can in the time allotted.

Each athlete's final race result will be the sum of the mileage completed on both loops. For example, one runner might complete 6 big loops (30 miles) and 5 small loops (5 miles) for a total result of 35 miles in the 6-hour race. Another runner/walker might complete 4 big loops and 4 small loops for a total of 24 miles. A recreational walker might 3 big loops and one small loop for a total of 16 miles.

Once 5 hours has elapsed on the race clock, all participants will begin running/walking on the small loop (even if their pace is fast enough to complete another 5 miles in under an hour).


View the 2023 Course Map here. We're still working on the 2024 course map.

The course is beautiful and unique--immersed in sights and sounds of nature and consisting of several "fingers" rather than just a round loop. Please note that all athletes must stay on the asphalt surface that encircles the lake. Although there is an off-road dirt trail at the lake edge, this is unmeasured and off-limits for the 6-hour race. Any athletes who go off the certified course will be disqualified.

The asphalt loop will be shared with runners, walkers and bicyclists who are not part of the 6-hour race, cars with a permit are allowed on the road but typically there are very few and they're required to drive slowly. There is plenty of space along the loop. A yellow center line divides the road. Regardless of what direction runners/walker/bicyclists are heading, they must stay to the right of the yellow line. The 6-hour race athletes will be running in a clockwise direction, hugging the lake.

There are permanent wooden markers located every 1/4 mile of the lake loop. Although these markers won't correspond exactly to our race course (because the start/finish line is in a different place), they're helpful, encouraging indicators of how far you've gone on each loop.

At the present time, there is a construction project underway near the pier. This has caused a very small detour on the running path (which we have accounted for in the lap distance calculations).

Lake Miramar has 4 permanent restrooms near the bait shop and pier. There is running water there, including a water fountain on the exterior of the building. There are also several portable toilets located along the 5-mile loop. You'll pass all of these on the course.

Race Staging Area, Aid Stations, Gear Area, etc.

The main staging area for the race is on the dam at the west end of the lake--about 1/3 mile from the entrance to the lake on Scripps Lake Drive. Please allow enough time to walk to the staging area and still have time to check in, get your race bib, store your gear, etc. The race will begin promptly at 7:00 a.m. Parking for the event is off-site but not too far away. More specific parking instructions will be sent to registered participants (and are also in the Transportation and Parking tab below).

The course will feature three aid stations--one large one at the main staging area and two smaller ones spaced along the course.

The main aid station will feature water, Skratch electrolyte drink, and a buffet of food items suitable for the event. (fruit, snacks, sandwiches, etc.)  The smaller stations will serve water and Skratch and some simple food items.

Each aid station will have a trash receptacle for cups (or wrappers, gel packets, etc.). Please dispose all items ONLY IN THE TRASH RECEPTACLES. No items of any kind should be thrown onto the road or into bushes along the course.

At the main staging area there will be a section for your personal gear bags--please note it is not a big area! You will be able to access this area on any/every lap. We will have a few chairs there for athletes to briefly rest, adjust shoes, etc. We will endeavor to keep this location as secure as is reasonable but please do not leave valuable items there. Be sure to put your food items in a hard container so that the birds and chipmunks don't get to them while you're out on the course!

Our race has a designated physician (experienced in athletic events) who will be present on the course if medical attention is required. in the case of a medical emergency, we will call 911.

We trust that you can manage your own first aid such as blister care, cramps, etc. but of course we'll be there to help if needed.

Transportation and Parking

Getting to the Race

Please allow plenty of time--there's walking involved to get to the race start!

Lake Miramar (also called Miramar Reservoir) is located on Scripps Lake Drive, just 1/2 mile after turning on to this road from Scripps Ranch Blvd. The sign indicating the entrance is on the left side of the road and not especially easy to see.

As Lake Miramar is a popular place for recreation (especially on weekends), the Parks Department does not allow event parking on Saturday or Sunday. In other words, if you're there to participate in the race, you are required to park off-site and walk to the entrance. And then you'll need to walk about another 1/3 mile to the staging area.

Don't let this deter you! There are a few options...

1) Have a friend, spouse, or ride share app drop you and your gear off at the lake entrance.

2) Park your car off-site and walk a short distance to the lake entrance. There are 3 suitable locations nearby. Pre-race emails to registered participants will give specific information about these parking options.

Entry Information



Once an entry has been processed, we are unable to issue a full refund if you cancel. If you notify us by Nov. 1 and your place is taken by someone on the waitlist, however, we will issue a partial refund. We will not be able to refund any entries cancelled after Nov. 1.

Entry is open to runners and walkers age 18 to 99. Participants aged 17 and under require parental permission (please contact Race Director at 619-251-6321).

if you do not plan to complete the full 6 hours, but would like to participate for a shorter time (or a specific distance), this is fine. Please inform us when you stop running/walking--tell the Race Director or a counter at the main staging area.

For example, let's say you want to complete a marathon and you reach this distance (26.2 miles) in 4 hours and 45 minutes. Please walk back to the staging area and inform the counters or Race Director that you'll not be doing any additional laps. If you cannot walk to that area, please call 619-251-6321 to inform us that you're no longer on the course.


About the Sponsor

Founded in 1977, the international Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (SCMT) organizes hundreds of events each year--from weekly 2-mile races to the world's longest sanctioned footrace of 3100 miles.

In addition to road and trail races, SCMT sponsors track & field meets, swimming events and triathlons worldwide. The team encourages people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to challenge themselves and to experience joy and community through sport.

The San Diego chapter of SCMT operates under the name of Sri Chinmoy Races.

"There is only one perfect road
 And that road is ahead of you,
 Always ahead of you."

              --Sri Chinmoy

In addition to the 6-Hour Race, the San Diego chapter of SCMT organized Swim & Run events in La Jolla and Pacific Beach for decades, drawing thousands of athletes over the years, including many pro triathletes. Our local team includes several experienced ultra-marathon runners and dozens of people who have worked as volunteers in key positions at endurance events.

We also sponsor a free and informal all-comers 2-mile race at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Garden in University Heights each Saturday morning.