Sri Chinmoy participated in the 1985 1000 Mile race, with a total mileage of 208 miles. These recollections are taken from the book Run and Become, Become and Run, part 16

Originally I wanted to run seven miles every day during the 1,000-mile race. I felt that if I tried to do 13 miles, I would not be able to continue. But at the end of the race I had completed 208 miles-an average of 13 miles a day for the 16 days of the race. Three people completed the full distance: 1,000 miles! Here is the proof that there are a few things the mind cannot understand-when the soul operates through the heart or through the vital. To run 1,000 miles is beyond the comprehension of the mind; the mind cannot imagine it! Perhaps now people will be inspired to sponsor 1,000-mile races.

By the first week of August I do hope to complete my 1,000 miles. I am going on, going on. God knows if I can do it!

-17 May 1985

I have run a little over 200 miles during the 1,000-mile race, but already I am blessing my forefathers that I have promised to run 1,000 miles. Even my imagination gets frightened! But I am sincerely proud of those who have completed the race. Look at Trishul! The race ended just yesterday, and already he is here at the meditation, enjoying his spiritual life.

-18 May 1985

The end of the 1,000-mile race was on the 6:30 news last night on television. When they mentioned my name they had trouble with "Sri"; they said, "Sir." They called me "Sir Chinmoy, the Queens Fitness Guru."

-17 May 1985


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