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Toy, Atala. "Trason Lowers Her 100-Mile World Record to 13:47:41. Ultrarunner. June 1991.

Another race, another record, or so it seems for Ann Trason, who in three ultras so far this year has lowered the 50-mile world record twice and the 100-mile once. what was that old saying about having to take a day of for every mile you race?

Trason and Sean Crom both had records on their mind, and they set a hard early pace, under seven minutes a mile on the one-mile park loop that winds its way past the monuments of the 1939 World's Fair. Sue Ellen Trapp, last year's winner with an American masters record time of 15:05:51, was close behind. By 50 miles the standings at the top were: Crom 5:38:45, Trason 5:58:21, Trapp 6:03:38, and Frank DeLeo 6:46:10.

But the fast pace combined with unseasonably warm and muggy weather brought on bouts of nausea to many of the runners. Trapp was the first to succumb, dropping out at 71 miles. Crom, used to Nevada's dry heat, struggled through 91 miles, on pace for an American record, before finally dropping out. Trason also fought severe nausea; her pace had dropped to ten minutes a mile, and as she passed the scoring tables each mile she was shaking her head at her growing difficulties. Like many other, time was running out on her to better her 100-mile PR - and in her case a PR would stand for a world record, too, as she held the existing mark of !3:55:02.

It was at this point, with just a few miles to go, that a surprise visit by legendary ultrarunning pioneer Ted Corbitt changed the outcome. Trason had won TAC's Ted Corbitt Ultrarunner of the ear in 1989 and 1990, and she hoped someday to meet the great man. It's a toss-up as to which of the two is more humble, understated, and silent! For some time, Corbitt had been very quietly standing on the sidelines, watching, when an official happened to introduce him to Ann's husband, Carl Andersen, 'Boy, did you appear at the right time,' Carl declared. On Trason's next loop past the area, the two running greats finally met. Ann was thrilled, and se left the meeting running faster, her head-shaking gone. Corbitt stayed to watch the re-energized champion set her new world record.


corbitt trason.jpg
(l) to (r). Ted Corbitt, Carl Andersen and Ann Trason.

It was only fitting that Corbitt present her with her victory trophy, plus a surprise cake in honor of her and Carl's first wedding anniversary the next day.

This was the second time Trason has won a race outright over a field of elite men and women ultrarunners. In 1989 she won the TAC 24 Hour Championship with a distance of over 143 miles, setting her first 100-mile world record en route, Trason and Sue Ellen Trapp are part of a growing group of female ultrarunners who are amazing the running world with their performances.

First male finisher was the steady ultra veteran, Frank DeLeo, a native of New York, although he, too, was slowed down by the heat.

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