Igor Talevski (43) from Skopje, a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Macedonia and meditation afficionado, is currently biking across the USA in the self-supported TransAm Bike Race, following the "Transamerica Trail" with a distance of 4300 miles coast to coast.

At the moment of posting he is a bit more than half way on his 11th day into the race, entering Kansas State. He has covered over 2157 miles and left the steepest and hilliest part, the Rocky Mountains with over 3000 m/10.000 ft, behind him. Still about 2000 more miles to go now! He seems in good spirits, and you can follow his progress here

If you read cyrillic and understand Macedonian, you will find more info about Igor, his background, his newest challenge and his bike equipment on his website and also some Macedonian media interest...

More details about his adventure will follow soon. Right now we send him our best wishes for a safe journey and successful and happy finish! We are sure he will have lots to share after he finishes this big adenture!